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Price reductions at Thompson and Morgan

by John - February 11th, 2011.
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Thompson & Morgan has cut the price of loads of lines today

Nepeta transcaucasica* Blue Infinity - 1 packet (45 seeds)

Nepeta transcaucasica* Blue Infinity – 1 packet (45 seeds) was £3.99 now £0.69
Tall wands of violet-blue flowers in seemingly infinate quantity over a long period. With its characteristic aromatic fragrance it is extremely effective in the border, long-lived, easily grown and very reliable.* Seed came to T&M under this name which is yet to be verified.

Cucumber 'Picolino' F1 Hybrid (Organic) - 1 packet (4 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Picolino’ F1 Hybrid (Organic) – 1 packet (4 seeds) was £3.49 now £0.69
Crisp, juicy half length ‘mini cues’ ideal for slicing and used up in one meal with no waste. Cucumber Picolino is all-female flowering so produces many fruits and requires regularly harvesting to maintain production. Cucumber Picolino has good powdery and downy mildew resistance.

Aubergine 'Black Enorma' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (40 seeds)

Aubergine ‘Black Enorma’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (40 seeds) was £2.99 now £0.69
Early to crop with prolific sets of huge jet-black fruit up to 680g (1½lb). Just three plants will keep a family of four with aubergines from mid summer to late autumn. Aubergine Black Enorma is ideal for garden, patio or greenhouse. Stake plants and pick fruit regularly.

Oenothera 'Lemon Sunset' - 1 packet (30 seeds)

Oenothera ‘Lemon Sunset’ – 1 packet (30 seeds) was £2.89 now £0.69
An exquisite Evening Primrose with beautiful 10cm (4in) soft-yellow flowers that mature by changing to an attractive sunset-red. Ideal for adding height to borders, as well as a delicate evening fragrance to your garden.Height 90-100cm (36-40in).

Godetia 'Fruit Punch Mixed' - 1 packet (150 seeds)

Godetia ‘Fruit Punch Mixed’ – 1 packet (150 seeds) was £2.19 now £0.69
A superb quality mix which outshines many of the more expensive F1 hybrid types. Dwarf and compact, uniform plants with early blooms in a sumptuous colour range, embracing bicolours as well as pastel tones. Brilliant for borders, bedding and containers. Height: 25-30cm (10-12 in).

Morning Glory Milky Way - 1 packet (25 seeds)

Morning Glory Milky Way – 1 packet (25 seeds) was £2.19 now £0.69
A glorious climber which is free flowering and self clinging. Spreading pure elegance wherever it should wander. Milky Way features the purest white blooms flanked by rich maroon striping. Vigorous and ideal for quick effect. Height: 120-180cm (4-6ft).CAUTION : Seeds are very poisonous.

Poppy 'Seriously Scarlet' - 1 packet (100 seeds)

Poppy ‘Seriously Scarlet’ – 1 packet (100 seeds) was £1.49 now £0.69
A dramatic new Poppy with striking scarlet flowers which have a dark purple-blue centre. opening to form an Elizabethan style ruff. The strong, tall stems boast large, highly ornamental, silver-green orientale foliage. Variable seed was sent by a customer to T&M, and breeders have selected for uniformity and trueness to type, resulting in this bright border and cottage garden annual.

Sorghum nigrum - 1 packet (25 seeds)

Sorghum nigrum – 1 packet (25 seeds) was £1.49 now £0.69
Greeny-gold to bronze 6in ‘flower’ heads. Good for drying and using as an everlasting.

Cucumber - Decorative Ornamental Mixed - 1 packet (25 seeds)

Cucumber – Decorative Ornamental Mixed – 1 packet (25 seeds) was £1.49 now £0.69
Easy and fun to grow, producing a mixture of decorative fruits, with smooth and unusual spiky skins. An annual climber making an intriguing and decorative border or container plant. Pick Cucumber Decorative Ornamental Mixed and use indoors in autumn displays lasting for up to 3 months.Caution: Fruits are bitter and not edible.Climber: 120-180cm (4-6ft)