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by Diane - July 16th, 2012.
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rat killerWorried about rats and mice in your garden? If you have a shed then it’s not uncommon to have pest problems. What can you go?

It isn’t just water on the rise: rat population is booming!
Procter Pest-Stop helps with infestation

With some areas across the UK having as much as a month’s rainfall in 24
hours, it’s not only the wet weather that is causing problems – rat population
is also on the rise.

In the recent humid weather and high water levels, people in the West Country
in particular have reported seeing as many as 600 rats within 20 feet of their

Pest control experts, Procter Pest-Stop know that rats can be a serious problem.

The high number of new developments on floodplains doesn’t help with this
situation. With water not draining away as quickly and naturally as it should,
the wet conditions create the perfect habitat for rats to breed and survive.

Surveys have proven that the rat population in this country has increased by more
than 52% in a four-year period. Today there are more rats than humans in the UK.

Rats, like mice, can be a serious risk to health due to the various diseases they
carry, including salmonella. They can also cause structural damage to properties.

Easy-Setting Metal Rat Trap
Product Code: PSESRT
The Pest-Stop Easy Set Rat Trap is a long lasting powerful trap that is simple
to set. This trap is constructed using strong metal that will last for many years
and has a sensitive mechanism, making it a very effective trap.

• Easy to use
• Long-lasting
• Reusable
• Powerful action
• Individually boxed with hanging tab
RRP £3.50

Little Nipper Rat Trap
Product Code PSLNR
This wooden-based, traditional rat trap is one of the most powerful on the market
due to its strong spring. The treadle bait-station is based on the Little Nipper
wooden mousetrap design.
Bait is placed on the treadle, which is raised when the trap is set.

High catch rate
Supplied in full colour display box
Powerful spring ensures a quick kill
Full setting instructions included
Quick and humane
Pack of one trap
RRP £3.50

Electronic Rat Killer
Product Code: PSERK
State-of-the-art ‘smart’ electronics control this unique device. When
a rat enters the electronic rat killer to reach the bait, it reaches a point where
it touches both killing plates and completes an electrical circuit, which kills
it in seconds. Because of the open design to suit rats rather than mice, the rat
killer is intended for use by professional pest controllers and agricultural workers.

• Four C-size batteries (not included) provides enough power for up to 12
• Warning light flashes when batteries need replacing
• Also kills mice
• Warning light signals a capture
• Full instructions for use provided
• Individually packaged in full colour box

RRP £59.99

Procter Pest-Stop advises using bait such as peanut butter and chocolate which
are the most appealing smell to rats.

You can purchase these products direct from a selection of online retailers listed
on the Procter Pest-Stop website. Visit,
navigate to Rats under Get Rid Pests, select your preferred product then click
the Buy Now tab to compare retailers’ offers. The products are also stocked
by many independent DIY and hardware stores.

Remember, rats carry a variety of diseases, and should never be handled without

Procter Pest-Stop is one of the UK’s longest-established manufacturers of
pest control products for the home and garden with a history dating back to 1740.
The company publishes extensive background and practical information about all
aspects of pest control at its website – see web address above.