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Allotment Wars

by Diane - January 23rd, 2013.
Filed under: allotment.

Did you watch allotment wars on BBC 1 last night?
It’s on iplayer if you missed it

Lots of little bits of nastiness on allotments making people’s lives miserable.
Cliques are horrid.

What a pretty shed! A bit OTT pretty for a shed on an allotment but how nice it would be to have one on my plot overlooking the canal so in the summer I could sit and type looking out at the trees and ducks.

The guy whose greenhouse burnt down – was it anythign to do with the heating stove built in to it? That looked particularly burnt on the flue.

Yes there was very little mention of growing things.

The guy with the pumpkins who got thrown off twice – that sounded very iffy – but once they are like that to you it will take away all the fun of growing things.
Throwing someone off for not being on for 3 weeks is a bit shocking and playing games refusing to accept rent is horrid. Saying ‘no comment’ when you’re asked if you are a committee member is pretty shonky.

The ‘plot watch’ was mad. Honestly they were so noisy and having someone in a fluorescent jacket with torches is not the way to catch someone. You need covert CCTV like they had at the stott lane site (According to the sign on the gate)

The competition was interesting – but again no mention of enjoying fresh veg.
And having to have a secret second plot…