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Mulching potatoes

by Diane - May 7th, 2013.
Filed under: allotment.

mulchThe anya potatoes I was given had started showing leaves above the soil yesterday so I have covered them with some rabbit hay. I’ve mulched other potatoes with grass clippings. I’m doing this because the soil on my plot has a lot of clay and has a tendency to be wet. I’d prepared the ground by digging over and placing a layer of muck on top. I’d put some bark under the muck in one quarter of the potato area to see if that helps.
The addition of mulch raises the soil level and gives the worms plenty of nice room to live in. Mulch protects them from the weather both rain and sun and provides them with organic material to eat!

You don’t even need to put potatoes in the soil – you can plant them the no dig way.

This is a lovely way of planting spuds on brand new ground. It’d be ideal for anyone taking on an allotment at this time of year and wondering how to get the whole plot dug at once.