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10 new Vegetable seeds at Suttons

by Diane - November 22nd, 2013.
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Broccoli Seeds – F1 Stromboli
A first-class variety producing long, tasty, dark green florets. Resistant to blindness from autumn sowings. Sow successionally for a long harvest season. Sow February-June & September-October. Harvest May-October & March-April.Long, tasty, dark green floretsExcellent for spring or autumn sowingSow successionally for a long harvest

Pointed Cabbage Collection
Exceptional Flavour Our combination of two superb pointed cabbages including – Dutchman F1 ( exceptional flavour with good disease resistance) ,br> – Niz 15-852 F1 ( a deliciously flavoured, fast maturing red cabbage that is availaible exclusively from Suttons and is so new that it doesn’t even have a name yet!)

Cabbage Seeds – F1 Dutchman
A deliciously sweet, small-headed pointed cabbage. Bred by our own group, it boasts excellent flavour, shows good resistance to white blister and holds well when mature. Ideal for growing at reduced spacing.

Cabbage Seeds – F1 Monarchy
This great tasting sweetheart type cabbage will extend the picking season. Enjoy as smooth leaf greens or as more mature pointed heads.

Cabbage Seeds – F1 Sarmarsh
Bred by our own group, this early-maturing Japanese flat cabbage produces small, good quality heads that hold well when mature. Delicious in salads, coleslaws and wraps. Good resistance to white blister disease.Early maturing Japanese flat cabbageDelicious in salads, slaws and wrapsResistance to white blister disease

Carrot Seeds – F1 Match
Bred by our own group, this variety has a short, dense core and superb flavour. It performs well on all soil types, and shows excellent keeping qualities, storing in good condition until March/April.

Courgette Black Beauty Organic Seed
Small, dark green, delicious-tasting fruits.

Courgette Seeds – F1 Gold Star
At about half the size of a standard courgette plant, this UK-bred variety is ideal for patio containers, grow bags (3 plants per bag) or the kids vegetable plot. The spine-free, pint-sized plants produce prolific, early crops of tasty golden-yellow fruit.

Melon Seeds – Rugoso di Cosenza Giallo
A first-class cantaloupe melon for growing in a greenhouse or cold frame. Cut open the large, oval, yellow fruit to reveal the sweet, creamy, mouth-watering flesh within! Large, oval, yellow fruitFor greenhouse or cold frameSweet, creamy flesh

Herb Seed – Basil Summer Surprise
Deep purple leaves and stems make a colourful alternative to the common green basil in a wide range of dishes, including salads, pasta, pizza and tomato dishes. Can be grown as a microgreen on a windowsill – ready in just 21 days!Delicious in salads and pasta