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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - January 1st, 2014.
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Reduced price on items today at Suttons Seeds

Slow Release Fertiliser and Water Storing Crystals

Slow Release Fertiliser and Water Storing Crystals was £5.90 now £3.99
Make feeding and watering easier with this twin pack containing: 10 sachets of Water Storing Crystals: Dramatically reduce the need for frequent watering. Mix evenly with compost before planting out and water well to activate the crystals, which will swell into a ‘gel’, storing water that the plant roots can extract as required. Ideal for hanging baskets that normally dry out so quickly, and for newly planted areas or dry spots in the garden. 1 sachet treats 10 litres of compost. AND 10 sachets of Controlled Release Fertiliser: One feed lasts all summer! Simply mix evenly with a good quality compost before planting out and water well. The granules will release nutrients to the plants as required, providing summer long feeding. Perfect for hanging baskets, beds and borders. 1 sachet treats ten litres of compost.

Salad Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround

Salad Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround was £29.99 now £8.99
These beautiful planters are a stylish way to grow fresh vegetables on your patio, balcony or windowsill! Secreted inside the natural willow surrounds are high-performance, durable planting bags with reinforced webbing handles and drainage holes. They’re simple to assemble and fold flat for winter storage.Salad Planter: 30cm (12) x 70cm (28) x 35cm (14) high.Window Box Planter: 50cm (20) x 15cm (6) x 15cm (6) high.

Netfloat Mats

Netfloat Mats was £27.99 now £9.99
Netfloats are unique interlocking mats that cover the perimeter of your pond (where most predators strike), while leaving the centre free. They’re less obtrusive than conventional pond netting and fit any shape pond. Join together with the twist ties provided, cutting where necessary to allow plants to grow through. 1 pack of 20 rings covers approximately 3.5m (11′) of pond perimeter when laid out 2 rings deep. Each ring measures 37cm (141/2) x 32cm (121/2).

Compact Polytunnel

Compact Polytunnel was £24.99 now £19.99
If you are into growing your own then we would highly reccomend this compact Polytunnel which measures 2m wide by 5 m long.They’re practical and an economical alternative to a greenhouse and can be used to raise bumper crops of vegetables and fruit! Some assembly required