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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - March 28th, 2014.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Lawnflite Pro GTS1300G Petrol Chipper-Shredder

Lawnflite Pro GTS1300G Petrol Chipper-Shredder £2549.00
This seriously powerful chipper-shredder from Lawnflite Pro is the UK brand’s top-of-the-range GTS-Series machine, and as such is aimed at the semi-pro and high-end homeowner markets.Making it tick is a very high-performance 12hp (420cc) Loncin G420 overhead-valve power-pack that’s characterised by its impressive efficiency; low running temperature; and superior dependability.A semi-dry dual-element air-filter provides comprehensive component protection for reduced wear and tear; while a ‘low oil’ alert and shut-down system ensures the engine won’t be damaged if you’ve unwittingly let the oil level get too low.The Lawnflite Pro GTS1300G Petrol Chipper-Shredder employs dual drum-mounted blades that will have no trouble pulverising branches up to 85mm in diameter, reducing them to woodchips that will prove useful around the garden.It offers automatic feed-in, so you get the next branch ready rather than standing over the machine; and it features an automatic emergency cut-out system that delivers optimum operator safety. So as to facilitate hassle-free site-to-site movement, Lawnflite have equipped this model with a set of large diameter wheels and an ergonomic transport handle.

Lawnflite Pro GTS900G Petrol Chipper-Shredder

Lawnflite Pro GTS900G Petrol Chipper-Shredder £1949.00
Process large volumes of both green and woody garden-waste in quick time with the powerful and easy-to-use Lawnflite Pro GTS900G Petrol Chipper-Shredder.At its heart is a Loncin G270 engine (270cc) that develops a substantial 9hp; and which utilises overhead-valve technology for a significant cut in noise; vibration; fuel costs; and operating temperature. A dual-stage air-filter and a cast-iron cylinder sleeve combine to maximise both reliability and durability; while a low-oil alarm and cut-out system ensure there’s no chance of engine-damage occurring when oil-levels are low.Thanks to its powerful engine and unforgiving drum-and-blade chipping system, the Lawnflite Pro GTS900G can handle branches up to 80mm in diameter without fuss.An emergency-stop system brings piece-of-mind when it comes to user-safety; while automatic in-draw means you can prepare the next branch, rather than overseeing the feed. Also important are the large rubber tyres and transport handle that work to make it easy to shift the unit from site to site.

Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PROHS Rear-Roller Lawnmower

Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PROHS Rear-Roller Lawnmower £1099.00
The Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PROHS Rear-Roller Lawnmower is a high-end machine that offers the sort of premium-features and heavy-duty build-quality that are vital in a mower that’s going to be used day-in, day-out. An impressively fast operator over substantial areas, it has an expansive 53cm cutting-width and a two-speed transmission, with the higher-speed gear delivering a 13% increase in productivity compared to a fixed-gear model. The two gears also make it possible to mow at a pace that’s most comfortable for the user; and which will prove most effective for the terrain and grass-length.So as to ensure the Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PROHS can withstand the abuse that’s bound to be meted-out by the commercial landscaper, it’s been equipped with a heavy-duty front bumper; a rust-resistant alloy mower-deck; reinforced handlebar support; and a steel deck-liner.It incorporates a blade-brake clutch, so you can stop the blade without cutting the engine for the safe crossing of paths, drives and other non-grass areas; and it features single-lever height-of-cut control that ensures it couldn’t be simpler to make performance-boosting adjustments (the range is from 15 to 77mm). Fitted with a heavy steel rear-roller, the Lawnflite Pro 553HRS-PROHS will lay-down the sort of pronounced lawn-stripe that’s so characteristic of the classic British garden.Fan-assisted bagging ensures that even damp grass will be driven through the discharge-chute without clogging; while a high-capacity 75-litre catcher means breaks for emptying will be few and far between.Other features include a world-class Honda engine for rock-solid reliability in the face of intensive use; and a shaft-drive for superior durability (compared to belt-driven models).

Lawnflite Pro GTS600G Petrol Chipper-Shredder

Lawnflite Pro GTS600G Petrol Chipper-Shredder £949.00
Take an aggressive approach to the problem of garden-debris management with this unforgiving chipper-shredder from British brand Lawnflite Pro.Driving it is a high-performance Loncin G160 engine; a 163cc four-stroke power-pack that’s rated at a beefy 5.5hp; and which incorporates the latest overhead-valve technology for a marked cut in operating temperature; fuel costs; and exhaust emissions. A low-oil alarm and cut-out system ensure there’s no chance of engine-damage occurring when oil-levels are low; while a cast-iron cylinder sleeve and dual-stage air-filter combine to maximise reliability in both the short- and long-terms.The Lawnflite Pro GTS600G Petrol Chipper-Shredder features twin drum-mounted blades that will devour branches up to 60mm in diameter, turning them into useful woodchips. Automatic in-draw means no time wasted overseeing the feed; while an emergency-stop system brings piece-of-mind when it comes to safety. Also featured are wheels and a transport handle for simple movement to-and-from the storage area.

MTD A46SPKV-HW Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Lawnmower

MTD A46SPKV-HW Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Lawnmower £419.00
Enjoy unbeatable versatility, rock-solid build-quality and a raft of top-class features with this innovative four-in-one rotary mower from leading lawnmower manufacturer MTD.The four cutting-modes are collection; mulching; rear-discharge; and side-discharge – with these options to choose from, you’ll be able to manage everything, from average grass-lengths, through to well-groomed formal lawns and unruly paddock grass (the grass-catcher is included and holds a generous 60-litres).The MTD A46SPKV-HW Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Lawnmower offers infinitely-variable ground-speed control, so you’ll be able work at a pace that best suits the conditions and terrain; and which you find most comfortable.Its six-position cutting-height (28-92mm) is set using a single centralised lever, so making the necessary adjustments will take seconds; while its robust steel mower-deck confers the strength and durability needed for a long service-life.Thanks to its extra-high drive-wheels, the MTD A46SPKV-HW is highly manoeuvrable in long grass and has that bit of extra traction you’ll need to work successfully on damp grass.Also featured is a powerful and ultra-reliable Kawasaki engine; and fully foldable handlebars that will maximise available space in your storage area.

MTD 1045K Petrol Brushcutter

MTD 1045K Petrol Brushcutter £379.00
One of the most powerful petrol brushcutters in production, this high-performance, high-specification machine from American garden-machinery experts MTD excels when it comes to the clearance of dense, well-established undergrowth.It’s fitted with a 1.87hp Kawasaki two-stroke engine that boasts a substantial 45.4cc cylinder-capacity; and which features Kawasaki’s Easy-Start technology for reliable, low-effort recoil starts.A roomy 0.7-litre fuel-tank works with the fuel-efficient engine to keep the frequency of top-up stops at a minimum; while a full crank delivers superior longevity and a marked reduction in uncomfortable vibration.The MTD 1045K Petrol Brushcutter is supplied with a heavy-duty metal brush-blade (25.5cm) and a nylon-line strimmer head (42cm), so you can either tidy fence-lines and lawn-edges, or clear areas of stubborn bramble and weeds (the line-head has a bump-feed mechanism that means you can feed-out new line from your working position).It’s equipped with a ‘Cowhorn’ (or ‘U’) handlebar; the sort favoured by commercial landscapers due to the improved control and manoeuvrability they bring; and it comes with a double shoulder-harness that spreads the weight evenly across the operator’s body for long hours of low-fatigue brushcutting.

Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25367) (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use)

Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25367) (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use) £369.00
With the Greenworks Twin Force mower you can now enjoy the benefits of low cost and noise-free battery-powered mowing on medium-large lawns and wave goodbye to smoky engines and unplanned trips to the petrol station.Greenworks 40V lithium-ion cordless mowers offer instant power at the press of a button without the need for fuelling up or yanking at a pull cord.Best of all, because they employ the most advanced battery and motor technology available, these mowers cost just a few pounds to run each season and you won’t be landed with a hefty service bill at the end of the year.The Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion Mower provides the power you need to take on any lawn up to 2000 sq m and thanks to its ultra-efficient twin bladed cutting system you can enjoy virtually continuous mowing by alternating between the two 40V batteries supplied with the machine.Another unique feature of this mower is its ‘Power Save’ system which raises and lowers the power output (and the speed of the blades) according to conditions. This means you are never wasting an unnecessary output from the battery and can mow for longer on one charge. Greenworks make premium quality garden equipment and this Twin Force cordless mower is no exception. Start with the spring-assisted central height adjuster: it’s metal with a comfort grip handle and makes changing the height setting incredibly easy. The body of the machine is made from a stylish yet highly durable polymer that will never rust or dent. And the handles are solid steel with full-width bale arm and soft grip for comfort and control. (They are also height-adjustable to suit the size of the operator and fully collapsible for compact storage.)Other premium features include a quality canvas grass collector with hard top that will pack in the grass and prevent dust rising in drier conditions. A grass-bag full indicator lets you know when to empty without having to stop and check resulting in shorter mowing times.This mower can also be used as a mulcher (plug supplied) enabling you to undertake collection-free mowing on lawns in super-quick time whilst for areas of rough you can simply cut and drop. The high-wheel design on this model makes it easier to manoeuvre on uneven ground.A striping mat helps to create a pleasing finish and the gentle hum of the motor means you won’t annoy the neighbours even if you make an early start!

MTD 1035K Petrol Brushcutter

MTD 1035K Petrol Brushcutter £359.00
Offering powerful performance, rock-solid build-quality and high-end ergonomics, the American-designed MTD 1035K Petrol Brushcutter will appeal to the more exacting domestic gardener as well as contract gardeners. It’s driven by a high-capacity 34.4cc two-stroke Kawasaki engine that develops a substantial 1.34hp; and which employs a full crank for low-vibration operation, less wear and a longer service-life. Kawasaki’s Easy-Start system ensures a gentle pull will see the engine fire-up; while their provision of a large-capacity 0.7-litre fuel-tank will enable you to complete the job without too many interruptions.MTD 1035K is fitted with a ‘U’ (or ‘Cowhorn’) handlebar; the type preferred by professionals thanks to the enhanced comfort and manoeuvrability they confer.It’s supplied with a double shoulder-harness for even weight-distribution and reduced fatigue; and it comes equipped with a 42cm line-head with heavy-duty 3mm-diameter line for tough weed and grass-clearance tasks (a 25.5cm metal brush-blade is also included). The line-head on this model features a convenient bump-feed mechanism that enables the user to spool-out new cord without attending directly to the cutter-head.

McCulloch M53-160DW High-Wheel 4-in-1 Self-propelled Lawn Mower (Honda Engine) (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use - Kinked Cable)

McCulloch M53-160DW High-Wheel 4-in-1 Self-propelled Lawn Mower (Honda Engine) (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use – Kinked Cable) £329.00
This Honda-powered Hi-wheel lawnmower from leading brand McCulloch is offered exclusively in the UK by MowDIRECT,It comes packed with features and has four different cutting options allowing you to switch easily – without tools – between standard collection and mulching mode for lawn areas and either rear or side discharge for rough grass areas where the grass is longer.The mower is powered by a class-leading Honda GCV160 engine which employs an overhead-cam design to ensure fuel-costs are kept at remarkably low levels whilst also reducing noise, vibrations and emissions. The engine is also incredibly easy to start with little effort required to pull the cord. Thanks to its expansive 53cm cutting-width and high-volume 71-litre grass-collector, the McCulloch M53-160DW Lawn Mower will make the task of large-scale lawn-maintenance far less time-consuming.The self-propelled drive system eliminates the need for any pushing making mowing your lawn effortless and as power is sent to the front wheels, this mower has the added advantage of eliminating the need to disengage the drive during turns.It also lets you choose between five pre-set cutting-heights (25 – 82mm), so the finish you prefer will prove easily achievable no matter what the conditions. The mower runs on ball-bearing mounted wheels that will continue to roll smoothly with age, and combined with the Hi-wheel design ensure more stable operation on less even ground.The handlebar on the McCulloch M53-160DW is foldable, so you won’t have to worry about space in the shed.