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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - October 4th, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds reduced the price on these lines today

Cane Caps

Cane Caps was £3.95 now £2.99
A simple answer to the sharp ends of canes, which are a hazard to gardeners and children etc. Just pop them over the exposed end of your canes. (Pack of 20)

Strawberry Planters

Strawberry Planters was £14.99 now £4.99
Our multi-pocket planter bags are the perfect containers for you to grow a bumper crop of tasty berries! Made from tough woven polyethylene, with 8 side pockets to plant into, they measure 35cm (14) diameterx 45cm 18) high.BUY 2 GET A 3RD FREE OFFER – on any of the following items:581757 Vegetable Planters581585 Short Balcony Planters586464 Strawberry Planters582709 Carrot Patio Planters582719 Cane Patio Planter580990 Easy-harvest Patio Potato Planter

Adjustable Drip Feeders (Pack of 3)

Adjustable Drip Feeders (Pack of 3) was £14.97 now £13.97
Keep your plants regularly watered and solve holiday watering problems with this simple yet unique device. Simply attach an empty 2 litre plastic bottle with the base cut off, fill with water, and set the flow rate – from just 150ml to 1.5 litres per day.

Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder

Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder was £36.99 now £24.99
An ingenious bird feeder which uses patented, proven technology to stop thieving squirrels in their tracks, while allowing visiting birds to feed freely. The moment a squirrel climbs on board the Squirrel Buster, its weight ensures that the feeder automatically shuts the ports and prevents access. Its clever, its humane, and it really works! 46cm (18) high x 12cm (43/4) diameter.

Gutter Hedgehog

Gutter Hedgehog was £37.98 now £26.98
This clever device will prevent your gutters and drains becoming blocked by leaves, saving you the hassle of climbing ladders to hoist out handfuls of soggy debris or calling out costly professionals to unblock drains. It’s quick and easy to install, fits most types of gutters (automatically adjusting to the shape of the gutter) and will last for years. 10cm (4) in diamater x 4m (13′) long.

Plant Hydro System Growing Kit (3 plant kit)

Plant Hydro System Growing Kit (3 plant kit) was £33.99 now £29.99
It may sound odd to grow plants without soil, but commercial growers have been achieving bumper greenhouse crops for decades this way. With these Hydro System kits, you too can enjoy the benefits; plants grow healthier, stronger and more quickly because they receive exactly the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen exactly when they need it. Nutrients are supplied as blocks with all the natural minerals found in soil. Just plug it in, and keep the reservoir topped with water. Perfect for tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse or conservatory. Available in two sizes: 3 Plant Kit – 40cm (16) deep x 70cm (271/2) wide x 20cm (8) high; 5 Plant Kit – 50cm (20) deep x 109cm (43) wide x 20cm (8) high.

Water Butt Pump

Water Butt Pump was £69.99 now £49.99
To save filling and lugging watering cans around, this Water Butt pump will pump water directly from a water butt to plants in the garden. The submersible pump sits inside the water butt and is ideal for use with a micro irrigation system such as the Aquapod Watering System, a sprinkler or a hose spray gun. Maximum output 2200 litres/hr. 300W motor. 10m (33′) cable.