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New products at PondKeeper

by John - March 4th, 2016.
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PondKeeper just added these new products

Pontec Pondoair Set 1200 LED

Pontec Pondoair Set 1200 LED £69.99
This is a different idea. A submersed pump draws in oxygen from the pond surface via a floating lily (this process is called the venturi effect). The ‘sucked in’ air is then recycled into the pond.

Velda Waterside Plants - Triple Pack

Velda Waterside Plants – Triple Pack £59.99
We are expecting these new artificial waterside plants from Velda to be the hit of 2016. They are so realistic that the web images don’t really do them justice. Trust us, if you’re looking for something different and special for your pond this will not disappoint.

Lotus Pond Waders Medium (9 / 9.5)

Lotus Pond Waders Medium (9 / 9.5) £44.99
These pond waders from lotus will keep you clean and dry when working in your pond. They are manufactured out of hard-wearing nylon with a sturdy PVC boot.

Lotus Pond Waders Small (7/8)

Lotus Pond Waders Small (7/8) £44.99
These pond waders will keep you warm and dry. They are made out of dirt-resistant nylon and come complete with a sturdy in-built PVC boot.Adjustable straps mean they will fit all shapes and sizes.

Lotus Pond Waders Large (10/11)

Lotus Pond Waders Large (10/11) £44.99
These high quality waterproof waders from Lotus come with a built-in tough PVC boot with treaded sole.
The legs and body of the waders are manufactured out of nylon and have adjustable straps for variable fitting.

Velda Waterside Plant - Feathered Fronds (Miscanthus Sinensis)

Velda Waterside Plant – Feathered Fronds (Miscanthus Sinensis) £24.99
The attention to detail on this waterside pond plant is simply amazing. Standing an impressive 1 metre (3′ 3″) tall this plant would grace any water garden.

PondXpert Pond And Tree Pruner

PondXpert Pond And Tree Pruner £24.99
Keep your water garden looking its best with this combination pruner/saw.
It’s massive telescopic reach of 3m (10′) means you can reach across your pond or up to the trees without fuss. Now those troublesome hard-to-reach plants can be tamed!

Velda Waterside Plants Bullrush (Typha Minima S)

Velda Waterside Plants Bullrush (Typha Minima S) £19.99
These new artificial plants from Velda really have to be seen to be believed!
Standing around 1m tall (3’3″) the detail is amazing and you won’t be disappointed. Display at the edge of your pond to create a fantastic impression.

Velda Waterside Plant - Papyrus

Velda Waterside Plant – Papyrus £19.99
Papyrus is a plant synonymous with water. Now you can jump forward and avoid the time and pitfalls of cultivating this plant by installing this highly realistic version.
We know you won’t be disappointed as the high level of detail has to be seen to be believed!!