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Price reductions at Harrod Horticultural

by John - August 13th, 2016.
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Reduced products at Harrod Horticultural

Link Stakes Seconds

Link Stakes Seconds was £8.95 now £4.95
Link Stakes Which Have Imperfections And Sold As Seconds With An Amazing 50% Discount Off Our Normal Prices – Providing You With An Effective, Reliable And Very Cost Effective Way To Support Your Plants. The Plastic Coating May Be Split In Some Places – But That Wont Affect Strength. Available Only While Stocks Lasts And These Items Are Non-refundable. 50% Discount On Plant Support Secondsstrong, Sturdy And The Green Coating Helps Them To Virtually Disappear When In Place.many Plants Are Vulnerable To Damage From Wind And Rain Unless Properly Staked.all Our Link Stakes Are Made From Steel Wire Rod And Coated With Dark Green Plastic.they Will Last For Decades And Are Virtually Invisible.aim To Stake Your Plant About Half Way Up Its Full Height And Allow A Few Inches In The Ground.the Most Versatile And Discreet Way To Support Plants Throughout The Border

Hydro Crystal In Light Blue

Hydro Crystal In Light Blue was £8.95 now £7.95
The Elegant Hydro Crystal Watering Sphere With A Distinctive Light Blue Decoration Is Designed To Supply A Constant And Even Supply Of Water For All Small To Medium-sized Pot Plants.treat Your Leafy Treasures To A Constant And Even Supply Of Water.the Practical Solution For Long Weekends And Short Holidays.never Have To Ask The Neighbours To Look After Your Plants Again.hydro Crystal Measures 9cm Dia. And 22cm Total Height When In Situ With Watering Spike

Sophie Conran Gubbins Pots

Sophie Conran Gubbins Pots was £14.95 now £9.95
The Gubbins Storage Pots Are Powder Coated For A Stylish Finish In Either Duck Egg Blue Or Raspberry And Are Neatly Housed In A Carry Tray. The 9 Pots Are Ideal For Storing Labels, Ties, Snips, Twine, Marker Pens And All Manner Of Other Gardening Accessories.designed With Sophie Conran For Burgon Ballgubbins Features 9 Powder Coated Potsthe Pots Fit Neatly Into The Carry Trayperfect For Storing Gardening Bits And Bobsavailable In Duck Egg Blue Or Raspberry26cm W X 20cm L X 10cm H

Round Helix Nut Bird Feeder - Aubergine

Round Helix Nut Bird Feeder – Aubergine was £35.00 now £22.95
The Round Nut Bird Feeder Will Look Great In The Garden And Its Easy To Clean And Fill Up Too. Designed To Be Squirrel Proof The Aubergine Round Nut Feeder Will Attract Various Birds To The Garden Including Greenfinches, Tits, Sparrows, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers And Siskins.these Stylish, Quality Feeders Will Attract A Wide Variety Of Birds All Year Round, Including Finches, Sparrows, Tits, Nuthatches And Woodpeckers, And Their Ingenious Cage Design Ensures That Big Birds, Squirrels And Cats Are Kept Out.the Strong Design And Quality Materials Are Made To Last And The Feeder Comes With A No Quibble 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee. attractive Design And Aubergine Coloureasy To Fill And Cleandesigned To Keep Out Big Birds, Cats And Squirrelschaff Catcher Stops Waste Falling On The Groundlockable Lidthe Round Nut Feeder Is Squirrel Resistantwill Attract Greenfinches, Tits, Sparrows, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers And Siskinscovered By Manufacturers No Quibble 10 Year Guaranteemeasures 24cm H X 27cm Wholds 400g Of Nutscan Be Used On Our Harrod Horticultural Bird Feeding Stations

Herb & Salad Growing Kit

Herb & Salad Growing Kit was £39.95 now £34.95
This Growing Kit Features A Full Spectrum (6400k) Highly Efficient Sunblaster 11 Watt Bulb Which Consumes 20% Less Power Than A Standard Light Bulb And Gives Up To 10,000 Hours Of Use. Replicating Natural Sunlight The Bulb Helps You To Grow Salad And Herbs Year Round And Is Also Ideal For Early Season Seed Growing. made From Recycled White Plastic And Aluminium This Durable Grow Light Kit Has 4 Reusable Growing Trays For Easy Succession Planting. The Canopy Which Houses The Grow Light Is Adjustable Up To A Maximium 38cm High To Easily Accommodate Your Salad And Herb Crops.when You Initially Plant Your Seeds, The Canopy Can Be Positioned At Its Maximum Height. Once The Seedlings Sprout, It Is Advisable To Lower The Base Of The Canopy To About 6cm From The Sprouts. This Keeps The Seedlings Short And Stubby Rather Than Long And Skinny. As The Plants Continue To Grow, Keep Moving The Canopy Up Maintaining The Distance Of Is Important To Remember That Darkness Is Part Of The Natural Growing Cycle For Plants. Give Your Plants A Rest By Turning The Lightsoff For A Period Of The Day. Most Vegetables, Herbs And Garden Flowers Are Long Day Plants Requiring An Average Of 16 Hours Of Light Per Day. Short Day Plants Requiring Around 12 Hours Of Light A Day Nclude Azaleas, Poinsettias And Begonias. Consider Using An Automatic Timer Or Simply Switch Off Your Light When You Go To Bed.the Growing Kit Also Features A Capillary Matting Insert And Can Hold Enough To Keep Plants Watered For Up To 14 Days Depending On The Climate.exclusive To Harrod Horticulturalideal For Growing Herbs And Saladscan Be Used For Early Season Seed Growingideal For Year Round Grwoing In Conservatory, Kitchen Or The Greenhouseuses Highly Efficent Sunbalster 11 Watt Bulb – Uses 20% Less Power Than Standard Lightbulbreplicates Natural Sunlight – Full Spectrum Light (6400k)last For Up To 10,000 Hoursadjustable Canopy – Max. 38cm High4 Reusable Growing Trays For Easy Succe