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Friday, June 26th, 2015

Globe artichoke

About 10 days ago IU ate my first globe artichoke of the season. I took it into the kitchen, took a photo, and then chopped out the delicious heart. I nuked it for a few seconds and then ate it. It was lovely!

Dehydrating rhubarb

Friday, June 26th, 2015

I’d acquired a dehydrator earlier in the year and this is the first time I’ve used it.
I picked some very thin stems and bought them in as well as a bigger fatter stem. I tried to get all pink stems. Washed and sliced thinly they were laid out on the trays and the machine was switched on. I left it for about 6 hours. The pieces were all dry apart from some much fatter pieces I’d left deliberately larger. These were very soft on the outside and juicy and reminded me of a caterpillar to be honest. They wouldn’t store long. Unlike the small pieces that were dried rock solid.
It is like eating flavoured bark. It does soften after a moment and exuded the intense taste of rhubarb.
I will try it early spring with forced rhubarb which will be more tender and sweet.
dehydrated rhubarb

Nice wine making site

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

I’ve started making wine and am always on the look out for inspriration!
Here’s a nice wine making site that has plenty of info.

If you have a surplus of fruit then you can make wine!