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Free stuff for your allotment

Sunday, March 31st, 2024

Free stuff for your allotment: Where to find everything you need for your allotment for free or nearly free 

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Free stuff for your allotment

Sunday, March 31st, 2024

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Sungold tomato seeds

An outstanding cordon cherry tomato for glasshouse or outdoor culture. Tomato ‘Sungold’ has an exceptionally high sugar content, which easily rivals ‘Gardeners Delight’, making its attractive, golden-orange fruit irresistibly sweet and juicy. The high yields of delicious thin-skinned fruit (each approximately 13g) are ideal for salads or as a tasty snack. This popular variety also has good resistance to tobacco mosaic virus and fusarium wilt. A hardy nature ensures this vigorous performer will crop well into winter in a cool greenhouse. Height: 200cm (79″). Spread: 50cm (20″).

These are my favourite cherry tomatoes to grow. They ripen quickly and produce huge amounts of fruit, You need to pick regularly though else they’ll over ripen and split – but they are so delicious you’ll be happy to put the time in every day to collect the ripe ones!

Utterly lovely fresh and can be roasted too for sauces.

April in the garden

Sunday, March 31st, 2024

It’s the end of March today, so I’m looking ahead to tomorrow!
The clocks have gone forward, so it’s lighter later which is always a bonus for anyone who works!
April is the month when hopefully the weather turns from constant rain to warm and sunny. The ground is saturated and we don’t need more rain to add to the problem.
Some better temperatures would be good too, although you’ll note the weeds are growing already.

Weeding now is easier as the soil is damp and the weeds are coming out fairly intact. You do need to give them a proper shake else you end up composting half the garden! If the soil was dryer you could hoe, but when the soil is damp I find weeds are as likely to reroot where you leave them. If it’s warm and dry the weeds you hoe off dry.

Anyway, enjoy this fun quiz!

Quick gardening quiz

Identifying plants is often easiest when they flower.
Can you name these?

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What is this plant?

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What plant is this?

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What plant is this?

poached egg plant

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