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Gardening Jobs of the Month for June

by Diane - June 1st, 2018

Wyevale Garden Centres reveals:

Gardening Jobs of the Month for June


Summer is here and we can’t wait to share with you our tips for making the most out of your garden this June. The sun is shining, fruits are ripe and flowers are in full bloom which means your garden will be attracting admirers both wanted and unwanted! Pests will be lurking to feast on ripe fruits so make sure your garden is protected, whilst you should also take action to make sure that your plants are getting the food and care they need to flourish.

Lilidh Matthews, horticulture buyer at Wyevale Garden Centres, shares her gardening jobs of the month, helping you to get one step closer to your dream garden:

  1. Snip off and spray your roses

June is the perfect time to deadhead your roses after they have flowered. This is a quick and easy job which stimulates the growth of new blooms and extends the flowering season. Make sure you snip off the old flower at the base of the bloom, this will encourage the plant to send new shoots from the leaves near the top of the bush, producing smaller flowers. Don’t forget to spray your roses too to ensure they remain healthy throughout the drier months.

  1. Protect ripe fruits from ravenous pests!

Your garden is looking particularly vibrant, packed full of exotic colours and scents, which mean it won’t just be friends and family flocking to enjoy it, but plenty of wildlife too. Birds and other species will be seeking out fruits and seeds to snack on, so be ready to protect your produce. Mesh netting is a great, non-chemical solution to deter pests and allow your fruit to fully ripen. Remember, it’s important to wait until the bees and butterflies have worked their pollinating magic before you cover your plants.


  1. Plant out tender vegetables

Make sure to plant tender vegetables such as cucumbers, courgettes, and peppers. June is the perfect time to plant up these vegetables as there is a significantly reduced risk of wind and frost, conditions which are detrimental to the growth of tender vegetables. The hot weather provides the perfect conditions for these vegetables to grow, ready to harvest in the following months!

  1. Start feeding and pinch out tomatoes

Pinching encourages branching on the tomato plants as by cutting off part of the main stem you encourage the plant to grow two new stems from the leaf nodes below the pinch. Simply use your fingernails to pinch off the new growth at the end of the stem (if you don’t want to use your fingers you can always use a sharp pair of pruning shears!).


  1. Feed baskets and containers

Check baskets and containers every day to avoid drying out in the hot weather. Ensure that they remain moist but not soggy as over-watering leads to poor quality plants. Make sure to also apply a liquid fertiliser once a week to ensure the containers and baskets maintain optimum conditions for plant growth.


  1. Offer your support!

June is the perfect time to support your tall-growing perennials. During these warmer months perennials are in full bloom and therefore vulnerable to collapse as their long stems and heavy heads make them top-heavy and prone to flopping. Make sure these plants have plenty of support to stay upright and prevent damage during windy or rainy days by using frames or canes and tying the stems securely using twine.

For more information and advice on May’s jobs of the month, along with all the tools you need to gain ground in the garden,


by Diane - June 1st, 2018

As a beekeeper I am prepared to go and collect honey bee swarms. One side effect of being on the swarm collectors list is that I can calls about other bees.
Two calls yesterday from quite close by.
One lot in a bird box. Probably bumblebees I tell them, but send me a photo anyway and I’ll check.
Another lot in soffits. Again same response, but the lady wasn’t sure how to take photos as they were flying near the roof so I told her I’d manage with a silhouette of a bee.

So I got emailed the photos and yes both lots bumblebees.
I confirmed by email and sent them some info about bumblebees. They don’t stay a huge amount of time and are quite fun to watch.

Poached egg plant

by Diane - June 1st, 2018

The bees love it.
Mine is covered in honey bees.  This is a path that I’ve not weeded for a few weeks since the poached egg plant started to flower. It’s now so full of bees it sounded like a full bee hive!  Buy poached egg plant seeds online at amazon


poached egg plant

Seed trays on ebay – absolute bargains

by Diane - June 1st, 2018

Buy seed trays on ebay – a great way of starting plants off

Price reductions at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - May 26th, 2018

Reduced price on products today at Gardens and Homes Direct

Allibert Cappuccino Rattan Outdoor Ice Cooler Table

Allibert Cappuccino Rattan Outdoor Ice Cooler Table was £39.90 now £29.99
Our stylish, practical Allibert Cappuccino Rattan Outdoor Ice Cooler Table is perfect for keeping your drinks chilled this summer. Ingeniously designed, this versatile table-come-cool box is made from rattan-style, UV/weather-resistant* resin fabric. Featuring an insulated interior lining and a securely fitting lid/table-top, our Allibert Cappuccino Rattan Outdoor Ice Cooler Table is easy to fill with ice cubes to keep your drinks cold no matter what temperatures summer may bring. Complementing our Allibert Cappuccino Furniture Range, this versatile furniture item will also double up as a handy footstool. Features Colourfast Cappuccino rattan-style UV/weather-resistant* construction. Securely fitting lid/table-top Inset carrying handles. Spacious cool-box compartment (internal) Complements…

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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - May 26th, 2018

Reduced price on products today at Jersey Plants Direct

Petunia Lake Garda 12 Mega Plants

Petunia Lake Garda 12 Mega Plants was £12.99 now £5.99
A Perfect Addition to your Summer DisplaysThis variety will produce an abundance of Grandiflora blooms in a vibrant mix of reds, purples, pinks and white from May until the first frosts. Available in our largest size, there is no need to grow them on. Simply plant them in your beds, borders or patio pots and sit back and admire their unique trumpet-like silhouettes in the Summer months.

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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - May 26th, 2018

Jersey Plants Direct just added these new items

Shrub Collection 9cm pots x 4

Shrub Collection 9cm pots x 4 £17.99
Perfect for Creating the Mature Garden of Your Dreams!Create a mature garden of your dreams with fabulous Shrub Collection. You will receive four of our best-selling Shrubs including Erynigum, Festuca, Pittosporum and Uncinia. All are guaranteed to delight, adding interest and colour to your outdoor areas for years to come!

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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - May 26th, 2018

GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Greenfingers 2 Seater Storage Bench

Greenfingers 2 Seater Storage Bench was £79.99 now £62.99
This Greenfingers Storage Bench provides a wonderful storage solution for your garden as it makes an attractive addition and is ideal for keeping items neatly out of sight. Combining functionality with practicality this bench comfortably seats two and the lid lifts to reveal plenty of storage for all your garden essentials including storing logs and toys. Manufactured from high quality Fir making this storage chest both robust and durable it is advisable to treat the wood with a good quality preservative to ensure that it lasts for many years. Click here for Wood Information. Overall Dimensions: L114 x W60 x H53cm Seat Size: 106 x 46cmSeat Height: 42.5cmInternal dimensions: L105 x W48 x H33.5cmPlease note: All Greenfingers Garden Furniture arrives flat-packed and will require some assembly.Greenfingers recommends that all garden items are protected from the elements by covering with furniture covers Click here for Assembly Instructions.

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New products at GreenFingers

by John - May 26th, 2018

New products at GreenFingers

Handy Multi-Purpose Garden Cart

Handy Multi-Purpose Garden Cart £154.99
The three in one Handy Multi Purpose Cart is a mesh trolley plastic dump track and flat bed trailer! Meet your new gardening best friend!Features:Removable plastic liner tray300kg maximum load capacityLarge pneumatic wheelsTipping and folding function Side panelsHandles convert to tow hitchDurable powder coated steel frameWith a load capacity of 300kg this cart is designed to be heavy duty and highly practical. Featuring a three-in-one approach to garden trollies this cart can be used as a standard garden cart to transport pots and plants a plastic truck with dumping action to move soil and dirt around as well as a large flatbed cart with fold down sides for moving those extra-large clunky items that would usually be too large for your cart.The plastic insert is removable for easy transport of odds and ends or temporary storage of stone dirt mulch or other essentials. Travelling on large pneumatic wheels this cart glides easily over rough terrain with the 33cm wheels absorbing the bumps of small rocks and uneven ground. For serious or frequent moving over large distance this cart

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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - May 25th, 2018

Reduced lines at Dobies

2-Stage Rattan Planter with Irrigation System

2-Stage Rattan Planter with Irrigation System was £49.99 now £39.99
This contemporary 2-tier rattan planter includes an ingenious watering system so you can create beautiful flower displays with minimal amount of fuss and care.Comprising a water resevoir, filling funnel and water level indicator, the clever watering system ensures the correct amount of water is delivered directly to the roots as and when needed, reducing the danger of over or under watering.The water level indicator will show how much water is in the resevoir so you know when to fill it up. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Length 56 cm, width 28 cm, height 63 cm.

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