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Woodfordes home brew kits

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Home Brew Online has this range of woodfordes kits

Woodfordes Micro Brewery  Nelsons Revenge

Woodfordes Micro Brewery Nelsons Revenge £64.95
36 Pints Premium Pub style beer in just1 month!
Anybody can use this kit! New or Experienced Home Brewers! It’s Never Been Easier!Nelsons RevengeRich and floral aromas,sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of citrus hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer. (36 Pints)
Normal RRP 74.95 – Only 64.95!
If you’re looking for a home brewing kit that will easily and economically enable you to brew top notch, real ale in the comfort of your own home -this is it!
Not only is all the equipment included, the ingredients to make 40 pints of award winning, Woodforde’s Real Ale is also contained in this kit. If you’re planning a get together, what better way to impress your friends than by pouring your guests a pint from your very own Micro Brewery!
Special Occasions Family get-togethers BBQs Relaxed home drinking
It’s never been easier to brew your own premium pub style beer. Using the Micro Brewery is quick, easy, fun and low cost. The use of pure, natural ingredients such as those in the included Real Ale kit ensure that you are drinking a high quality cask style ale, with no pasteurisation or additives often associated with cheap supermarket beer.
Complete and easy to follow instructions are included with the kit, making brewing your own real ale a breeze. The process of brewing your own beer is not only very cost effective but also highly enjoyable, rewarding and gives a hands-on, practical understanding of the processes involved with brewing beer the first taste of your very own beer is a satisfying moment!
The Woodforde’s Micro Brewery Complete Starter Kit makes a fantastic gift and introduction to a new hobby. After brewing the first batch of beer with the included Real Ale kit, all that is required to start brewing future batches is anotherbeer kit (ingredients). ThisMicro Breweryis suitable for brewing real ale, lager, stout, cider and all varieties of beer.

Woodfordes Micro Brewery Norfolk Nog £64.95

Woodfordes Micro Brewery Sundew £64.95

Woodfordes Micro Brewery Headcracker £64.95

Woodfordes Micro Brewery Wherry £64.95

Woodfordes Micro Brewery Admirals Reserve £64.95

Ken Ridge Wine Kits

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

New item at Home Brew Online

KenRidge Showcase 16L - Australia Cabernet Sauvignon

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Australia Cabernet Sauvignon £74.95

Australia Cabernet Sauvignon 6-WEEK, 16L. KIT

Alcohol Vol: 12.0

Deep ruby colour with black currant, eucalyptus and cedar nose. A rich, full-bodied wine with silky tannins, ripe black fruit and oak. Excellent with wild game, steaks and roast beef. Also great with full flavoured pastas and aged firm cheeses. Includes premium American oak.


KenRidge™ Showcase features wines of extraordinary elegance and sophistication from the most celebrated and acclaimed wine-producing countries around the world. Each ultra-premium kit will create a wine that is distinctive, showcasing unique characteristics produced by the specific terroir and climatic conditions of the country of origin. KenRidge™ Showcase world renowned varietals and superior blends can be served proudly to family friends and will stimulate the palates of the most discerning wine connoisseurs. Professionally designed self-adhesive labels are included.

KenRidge™, a worldwide Showcase of exceptional character.

6-WEEK, 16L. KIT

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Australia Cabernet Shiraz £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Australia Chardonnay £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Australia Shiraz £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Chile Cabernet Malbec Carmenere £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Chile Malbec £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Chilean Chardonnay £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Chilean Merlot £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – France Cabernet Sauvignon £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – France Merlot £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – France Sauvignon Blanc £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – German Gewurztraminer £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Italian Amarone Style £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Italian Pinot Grigio £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – New Zealand Pinot Noir £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – South African Chenin Blanc £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – South African Pinotage £74.95

KenRidge Showcase 16L – Spanish Tempranillo £74.95

Brilliant books

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

For anyone with an interest in home brewing, these books would be great for Christmas.

The Big Book Of Brewing
This is the book for any really enthusiastic and ambitious brewerthe person who wants to brew high quality true beers that were long thought beyond the ability of the amateur.

The Big Book of Brewing brings to beginners and experts alike a simple method of mashing for producing the finest flavoured beers, ales, stouts, and lagers from all-grain. It is the most advanced and comprehensive book on the subject.

Along with explaining how easy mashing is, Dave Line makes the concepts understandable and describes all the necessary equipment and ingredients needed to succeed. He uses his practical experience at home brewing his training as an electrical engineer and his outstanding sense of humor to shed new light on the topic of making beer from all-grain.

Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy
Quite simply, this book explains how to brew beers like those you buy
Real draught ale, bottled and keg beers, lagers and stouts are included in the 107 recipes collected from around the world. Home brewing is now a competent hobby backed by a mature industry that provides all the necessary ingredients as used by the commercial brewers.

Home Brewing Self Sufficiency
What could be better than enjoying a glass of delicious home-brewed organic beer? This book includes everything you’ll need to know to brew a variety of beers at home, from the equipment and techniques needed to a few inside secrets from a professional brewer.
In this timely book, John Parkes demystifies the brewing process and explains in easy-to-follow terms how anyone can produce delicious beer with the help of just some basic equipment and a few key skills. Those new to home brewing will love the easy-to-follow instructions and the detailed explanations of the brewing process and anyone already adept at home brewing will be delighted by the original recipes.
Made without unnecessary chemicals and additives, the beers featured here will appeal to anyone seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Real Cider Making
Cider is a quite delicious drink which has been known for thousands of years and which has enjoyed a fashionable makeover in recent years. This practical book by Michael Pooley and John Lomax, both cidermakers of national repute for more than 20 years, explores both modern and traditional approaches, and has been designed to enable the enthusiast using any type of apples to make real cider with skill and confidence. The book covers the history of cidermaking, techniques for preserving apple juice for drinking, washing and crushing the apples, pressing the pulp, fermentation, blending and storing, cider-based recipes, the making of perry from pears and also includes instructions and a set of superb scaled plans for building an inexpensive cider press using hardwood or good quality softwood.

Making Sparkling Wines
Sparkling wines, or champagnes have a charm and attraction all their own: the are synonymous with celebration and happiness and are the natural choice for celebration and happiness and any kind of festivity.
And for a winemaker to produce his or her own sparkling wine is one-upmanship to the nth degree.
John Restall and Don Hebbs have spent decades exploring and in discovering the secrets of producing champagne-like wine of superb quality.

Making Mead
Mead is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting hone and water with yeast . A glass of lightly chilled mead on a summers evening is a splendid delight. And yet, of all the crafts of mankind, mead-making is certainly one of the oldest. it is likely that mead was made even before the wheel was invented a stone-age cave paintings depict the collection of honey from bee colonies. The drink made from honey became a staple Celtic, Anglo-saxon, Medieval and Renaissance Britain.

Growing Vines To Make Wines
Following his conversion from elderberry to the grape thirty years ago, Nick Poulter and his former business partner began planting a commercial vineyard to Cranmore on the Isle of Wight. By 1984 the vineyard was producing 15000 to 20000 bottles a year and the associated vine nursery around 30000 plants. The vineyard was sold at the time but the nursery continued until 1996.

130 New Winemaking Recipes
130 New Winemaking Recipies from fruit, flowers, vegetables and foliage are all dealt with in this great book
More than 500,000 copies of this practical little book, now in its updated third edition have been sold. This book supplements the best-selling First Steps in Winemaking and together both books form a comprehensive collection of recipes.

First Steps in Winemaking
Wines from fruit, flowers, vegetables, foliage and kits are all dealt with in this great book
More than three million beginners have been happily launched into the fascinating hobby of winemaking by this practical little book, the phenomenal success of which has made it the accepted introduction to the craft.
Wines from fruit, flowers, vegetables, foliage and kits are all dealt with and, for the more advanced winemaker, there are notes on making wines in bulk, showing wine and judging you will find it all in this book. Your fingers will itch to start winemaking right away!

Making Wines Like Those You Buy
In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the popularity of wines of all sorts. And although commercially produced wine has become less expensive, it is always a challenge to turn your own hand to reproducing the flavour and quality of commercial wines in your own home, using easily-obtained ingredients. Sauternes, Hocks, Moselles, Chianti, Madeiras, Champagnes and Liqueurs can all be made at home cheaply from easily available ingredients – are all possible with the help of this book. You can become a wine connoisseur on a shoestring budget! The line illustrations are all based on photographs from the Radio Times Hulton Picture Library.

Do you grow apples?

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

If you’ve got a few apples trees you might find one of these presses really useful. Turn them into juice!
Great presses at Home Brew Online

36L Cross Beam Press

36L Cross Beam Press £445.00
Excellent quality.
Durable and comes with a 2 year Warranty.
Perfect for Communities and Small Orchards.
Holds up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of crushed fruit.
Produces up to 22 pints (12.5 litres) of juice per pressing.
Construction as 20 litre, with a hinged basket that can be raised and swung to one side for easier emptying.
Extremely efficient when used alongside theClassic Crusher.

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Home brew yeast

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Home Brew Online

I make home brew and it’s really rather nice. As I have an allotment I often have asurplus of fruit and there’s really only so much jam you can make. So wine is a great way of using it up. I had been buying my yeast from major shops near me but they’ve both stopped doing it. Luckily you can buy it online and there’s a huge range of yeasts for specific drinks.

My big success this year has been dandelion. It was deliciously sweet and delightful and worth the hours of picking dandelions! The raspberry is delicious – fruity but sharp, and the blackcurrant is divine!

The shop is called Home Brew Online – they sell tons of homebrew stuff!

Super Wine Yeast Compound 60g
Specially formulated for High Alcohol, speedy fermentation and clearingThis Super Wine Yeast Compound contains wine yeast so no additional yeast is required.Contains useful nutrients and minerals to aid fermentation.Long best before dates.

Harris Vin-Clear
Harris FiltersVin ClearFiningsVinclear isa high quality product produced and patented after many years of research and development. Free from spoilage organisms.This product promotes rapid settlement of yeasts to form compact sediments. Vinclear will remove certain astringents and harsh flavours in wines without affecting the esters or fruity bouquet.

Harris Beer-Brite
Harris Filters BeerBrite FiningsBeerbriteis a high quality product produced and patented after many years of research and development. Free from spoilage organisms.
This product promotes rapid settlement of yeast’s to form compact sediments. BeerBrite is a combined clarifier and chill proofer, using the best properties of isinglass and silica hydrogel in a single unique dry package.

Burgundy Wine Yeast
BurgundyRed Wine Yeast
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons).
This strain of wine yeast was selected from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand fermentations. It confers exceptional depth and complexity to red wines – perfect for Burgundy style reds. Ideal for hedgerow wines- fruit wines such as blackberry and bilberry.

Champagne Yeast
Champagne Yeast sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons).
This strain of wine yeast was selected from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand fermentations. It produces Champagne which is exceptionally clean and fresh. Although selected for Champagne it is suitable for any sparkling wine. Ideal for Elderflower Champagne.

Cider Yeast
5g sachet Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons)A special Bayanus strain especially selected for its ability to produce exceptional crisp and refreshing ciders and perries.

White Wine Yeast
All Purpose White Wine Yeast
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons).
This strain of wine yeast was selected from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand fermentations. It produces white or blush wines which are exceptionally crisp and clean suitable for any style of white or blush.

Re-Start Yeast
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons)
Suitable for white or red wines.
This strain of wine yeast was chosen from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand individual fermentations.

Youngs Yeast Nutrient 100g
To ensure rapid and complete fermentation of wine
A must for all home wine making enthusiasts. To be added to Country/ hedgerow wines (non grape) to suppliement, encourage yeast growth and to increase the yeast’s tolerance to alcohol. This yeast nutrient will ensure a rapid and complete fermentation.

Dessert / High Alcohol Yeast
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons)
Suitable for white or red wines.
This strain of wine yeast was chosen from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand individual fermentations.
It has particularly high tolerance to alcohol and is suitable for any dessert or high alcohol wine.

Lager Yeast
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons).
This strain is a true bottom fermenting lager yeast that produces desirable flavour characteristics consistent with quality lager beer.

Ale Yeast
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons).
This strain has been especially selected for its ability to produce rich, full flavoured English-style ales.

Red Wine Yeast
All Purpose Red Wine Yeast
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons).
This strain of wine yeast was selected from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand fermentations. It produces red wines which are well rounded and full of fruit flavours suitable for any style of red wine.