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Jersey Plants Direct – great value bedding plants

Jersey Plants Direct sell an amazing range of plants for your garden. If you’re
looking to add colour then Jersey Plants Direct is a fantastic place to shop!

Tons of bargains, multi-pack plants offering you great quality plants, free
delivery and free plants too!

With garden ready plants from less than 15p each, plug plants from 7p each and
a plant finder to help you discover which plants you should be putting in your
garden they offer all the help you need to get your garden looking amazing.

What’s a plug plant? It’s a plant that has been grown in a specially shaped
pot to enable it to develope a good root system. They’re easy to pot on or plant
out and offer great value for money. If you start early in the year and have
a greenhouse or conservatory you can pot on plants, if you prefer less work
then you can buy the bigger garden ready plants.

There are four sizes of plug plant available

  • Plugs
  • Garden Ready
  • Super Ready
  • Jumbo Ready

The bigger the plant, the more they cost, but the less work required – so it’s
a case of finding your personal favourite balance between convenience and cost.
Plug plants are suitable for the garden border, window boxes, hanging baskets
and flower tubs! Every inch of your garden can be filled with great flowers!

Bedding plants offer great colour for your garden and there are so many classic
plants like Impatiens, Begonia, Geraniums, Dianthus, Antirhinums, Stocks, Lobelias,
Verbenas, Mimulus, Petunias, Salvias, violas, pansys, wallflowers and sweet
william plants that your garden can be a riot of colour and fragrance.
They also do autumn bedding plants too so your garden can have colour all year
round. With a range of perrenial plants, shrubs, roses and trees your garden
can be transformed by this amazing shop!
As well as all the amazing flowers they sell they have plenty of other plants.
They sell fruit and vegetable plants – from ready to plant veggies to fruit
bushes and trees. Jersery Plants also have a range of potato sets, onions and
garlic to plant!

With seeds too completing the mix of optons available you know it makes sense
to shop at Jersey Plants. With great value and free delivery it’s the best place
to shop online for plants!

If you want instant garden then buy the biggest plug plants possible. They’ll
quickly be flowering and filling your garden with delight. They do cost more
per plant but they have taken more effort to grow. If you’re after lots of colour
on the cheap buy them s

Buy plug plants of all sizes – Shop now at Jersey Plants Direct Size from root to tip Action required Prices start from
plug plantplug bedding plants 4-8 cm Grow on in greenhouse, conservatory £9.99 for 100 plants + 60 FREE –
Plug Plants at Jersey Plants
garden ready plantsGarden Ready Plants 6-10cm Garden ready or grow on £9.99 for 50 plants PLUS 20 FREE –
Buy Garden Ready Plants From Jersey Plants Direct
super plug plantSuper Ready bedding plants 7-11cm Garden or grow on indoors. £12.99 for 28 Super Ready Plants –
Super Ready Bedding Plants at Jersey Plants Direct
jumbo plug plantJumbo 8-12cm Garden or grow on indoors. £9.99 for 6 plants. –
Jumbo Bedding Plants online at Jersey Plants Direct