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Grow your own potatoes – no garden needed!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Potato growing kit

Potato growing kit

You don’t need a huge garden to grow spuds anymore! Some great technology has been applied to make these strong potato growing bags that are perfect for a small garden where you wouldn’t have room to grow rows of potatoes.
At ideal world you get Four types of Potato with this Grow Pod Kit with 2.5kg Growmore Fertilser and 4 Hessian Sacks
This kit has everything you need to grow potatoes apart from the compost – but you can pick that up for only a couple of quid at almost every supermarket in the country. (40l for £2.29 at lidl)
You get 6 each of the following seed potatoes –
Charlotte Seed Potato Tubers – delicious warm in salad!
Red Magic Seed Potato Tubers – firm white flesh good for boiling and roasting
Blue Belle Potato Tubers – with a blue patch over the eyes – ideal for baking, roasting or boiling.
Lady Christl Seed Potato Tubers producing spuds 8 weeks from planting!

You also get the grow bags, storage sacks for your crop and fertiliser – all for only £19.99
Start them off in a frost free place and you could be eating your own home grown potatoes in May!

Ideal World Garden Tools

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Loads of fantastic garden products available online at
Ideal World
cyclamenSet of 4 Cyclamen in 11cm Pots – these are really pretty flowers that will flower all through the winter.
Set of 5 Oleanders in 14cm Pots – red, pink, white, cream, and yellow colour flowers.
Handy Blower & Vacuum for Garden – essential for light work of clearing those leaves!
Set of 6 Blueberries in 9cm Pots – grow your own delicious blueberries!
Canary Island Date Palm – Canariensis in 5 Litre pot.
3 Helleborus Niger – beautiful white flowers
Blood Fish and Bone Fertiliser
They sell loads of other stuff too:
Garden Tools
* Garden Pots
* Hand Tools
* Hedgecutters & Trimmers
* Lawn Mowers
* Pressure Washers
* Shredders
* Soil Treatments

Plants & Flowers
* Accessories
* Bedding Plants
* Flowers
* Fruit & Veg

Garden Furniture
* Accessories
* Lighting