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Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

I havested my shallots. The red sun did better than the golden ones. So I’ll be trying more red sun next year.
I’ve pickled them according to a recipe my mum gave me.

Use red english shallots if possible.
Peel and top and tail them. Wash thoroughly in cold water a couple of times and then dry them off. Place the shallots in a large china bowl and cover with salt. Leave for a day covered – use a plate if you don’t have a lid for the bowl.
Wash off all the salt and rinse under the tap. Dry them carefully. Pack them into jars tightly and add a pinch of pickling spice – but not too much! Add the pickling vinegar which has been sweetened with demerara sugar to taste. Ensure the shallots are all covered and then lid the jars. Place in a dark cupboard and leave for 3-6 weeks before eating.

pickled shallots