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Fancy a gardening magazine subscription?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Amateur Gardening £18.49

Garden Answers £42.12

Garden News £82.78

Gardeners’ World Magazine £36.70

Gardens Illustrated £17.50

Grow Your Own £19.95

Grow it! Magazine Subscription Gift Pack £30.00

Your Chickens £31.00

Grow Your Own Binder
Keep your favourite Grow Your Own articles close to hand with this specially designed magazine binder. It neatly holds an entire year’s worth of copies so you can refer back at any time.

Grow Your Own
Receive free seeds and cover-mounted gifts throughout the year! Want to discover how to grow your own fruit and vegetables as well as learn the secrets of a country kitchen? Then this is the magazine for you. GYO is a real treat as well as essential reading. Grow Your Own is the UK’s leading kitchen gardening magazine. It’s packed with growing tips, ideas and advice for gardeners of all abilities, from window box-growers to allotment plot-holders.

Grow it magazine

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Great magazine that offers you tons of friendly, helpful advice on getting the most from your growing space.

Grow it! Magazine Subscription Gift Pack
Grow It! magazine is the number one choice for expert advice on growing your own food. We cover all aspects of salad fruit allotment city garden and greenhouse growing giving you the know-how to grow with confidence. Every issue is packed with helpful tips seasonal advice special offers and real-life case studies so you can get the most from your kitchen garden no matter what its size. Plus with this pack you will receive up to 40 packets of free seeds with your magazine to get you started and keep you growing throughout season.

Gardening magazines

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Grow It!
Grow It magazine Covers anything that’s edible and possible to grow in the British Isles Grow it! has a keen focus on organics and polytunnel/greenhouse growing to make the most of a healthy harvest each growing season.Grow It magazine is packed with helpful tips and special offers it’s the essential read for anyone looking to grow their own food.Grow it! is the number one choice for expert advice on growing your own food. Its regular practical team covers all aspects from allotments to the city garden giving you the know-how to grow with confidence.Grow It! magazine contains all sorts of information regarding numerous types of gardens including greenhouse gardening city gardening and other types of allotments. Additionally this publication gives expert advice on garden maintenance as well as detailed information on fruits vegetables and other wonderful things to grow in your own garden.Subscribe to Grow It Magazine today.

House & Garden
The definitive guide to Stylish living- House and Garden magazineHouse & Garden magazine unlocks the door to an array of unique homes and outdoor features ranging from town houses to converted barns and fabulous apartments to island retreats. Outdoor features are equally varied including cottage gardens water gardens and chic city courtyards. House & Garden magazine subscription provides an invaluable sourcebook of ideas from design and decoration to the best of travel delicious recipes and fine wine.Britain’s most glamorous inspiring and influential design and decoration magazine.subscribe to House & Garden magazine.

Your Chickens
Your Chickens magazine subscriptionYour Chickens magazine is a magazine for the back garden chicken keeper. Full of tips advice and real life stories of people who have joined the chicken keeping boom. Your Chickens magazine celebrates all that is good about chicken keeping.Your Chickens magazine is published 12 times a year. Subscribe to Your Chickens magazine today.

Homes and Gardens
Enjoy the very best of classic English style in the world’s most beautiful interiors magazine – Homes & Gardens. Every issue brings you an inspiring mix of stunning houses glorious gardens and gorgeous decorating ideas.Why Subscribe? You will get amazing discounts off the shop price have every issue delivered straight to your door plus you will never miss an issue again!   

BBC Gardens Illustrated
BBC Gardens Illustrated MagazineBBC Gardens Illustrated Magazine is a monthly international magazine dedicated to gardening lovers around the world. The magazine is full of dazzling photographs of gardens of all kinds. The expert gardeners who write for BBC Gardens Illustrated provide all the information you need to create a garden space that works for you.In BBC Gardens Illustrated you will find information books about gardening floral paintings unusual garden containers recipes planting guides garden designs for all size gardens from patio size to palatial.Articles from recent issues include a review of Tessa Newcomb’s garden book The Adorable Plot a design for a small garden by Piet Oudolf the best shrubs for fall a garden masterpiece designed by Tom Stuart-Smith recipes for cooking alfresco and a guide to using self seeders. An article tells you how to get a late summer garden look. The look includes using different types of containers for the floral and greenery. Suggestions include using rustic pieces such as vintage greengrocer’s crates or boxes as planters. The colors of the florals and greenery also matters. Combine dahlia with viburnums in autumnal shades for a true late season look. The soil for the plantings should include two parts of good soil mixed with a little scoop of blood fish and bone. A beautiful fall planting could include panicum virgatum dahlia nuit d’ete erigeron karvinskianus viburnum opulus and dahlia Arabian night.You will also find designs for creating charming garden retreats in your backyard how to get the Chelsea look in your home garden a step by step guide for creating a conservatory and ways to deal with the invasive Japanese knotweed plant.If you love gardening and learning about new garden designs from around the world you will love a subscription to BBC Gardens Illustrated.

BBC Wildlife
BBC Wildlife MagazineBBC Wildlife Magazine is a monthly UK publication all about wildlife. The magazine was launched in 1963 under the name Animals Magazine. The publication was renamed in 1983. The magazine has famous wildlife patrons on its advisory board including David Attenborough Chris Baines Jane Goodall Simon King George Monbiot Stephen Moss and Jonathon Porritt. Regular contributors of note to BBC Wildlife Magazine include Mark Carwardine Dominic Couzens Phil Gates Richard Mabey and Matthew Wilson. In BBC Wildlife Magazine you will find stunning photography and articles on different aspects of wildlife travel articles to see wildlife in action wildlife gardens and wildlife events. You will also find wildlife quizzes tips on capturing images of wildlife with paint or photography and the first ever videos of wild snow leopard cubs in Mongolia.In recent issues of BBC Wildlife Magazine there were articles on a reef rescue exclusive on Wildlife Photographer of the Year a photo essay by Alex Saberi information on how to best photograph the leopard seals in their native Antartica ten things to learn about orangutans and 52 wild things to do in the summer In addition you will find articles on creating a wildlife garden how to identify garden bird nests how to avoid a shark attack swimming with whale sharks sea lions orcas and other giants of the sea and lessons on painting wildlife in the Cairngorms National Park from Chris Rose and Darren Rees.If you love wildlife you will want a subscription to the premier publication about wildlife around the world BBC Wildlife Magazine. The magazine will keep you enthralled with wildlife photography stories of animal survival commentaries on wildlife and the environment endangered animals the rescue of wildlife locales such as the tropical coral reefs and the latest in conversation news. Subscribe today for the latest in wildlife information.

Grow Your Own
Grow Your OwnGrow Your Own is an exciting fruit and vegetable magazine for the serious gardener. Get up-to-date news on equipment seeds tips on growing prize-winning fruit and vegetables and more. Get tips for growing all types of vegetables and fruit. A magazine to save and re-read year after year.Get practical advice on planting your fruit trees so you will get succulent fruit. Read the tips to keep the bugs away so you can get a large crop to sell preserve or eat. For the most delicious juicy fruit that wins contests read about watering advice planting tips and pruning.There is nothing like fresh picked vegetables! They are the most delicious foods to eat. For everyone planting a garden this year get the newest tips on purchasing and planting seeds. Learn how to pick the best seeds or how deep to plant. Learn how to water the seeds how to keep the plants alive during all types of weather and how to protect your plants from bugs. What plant food needs to be added? Get advice from the experts. Should you use compost? How do you start the compost? The experts give advice from starting the garden to harvesting and cooking the vegetables. Read the interviews with professionals on preparing the soil to harvesting. Learn what plants need to grow near each other. Find out how to increase fruit production when pruning the tree limbs and find out how to extend the growing season.Handy growing guides are included in each issue of Grow Your Own. All edible plants are covered with advice from professionals. Each issue highlights specific vegetables herbs and fruit to help the reader grow award winning produce. Each issue includes a Grapevine Forum with your questions. Read how others have solved the space problem or weather difficulties. Submit your own questions to the Forum for tips and advice. Having bug and pest problems? Read the magazine to discover pest-resistant plants. Find out when you need to plant asparagus plants or how early to plant those tasty sugar peas or sweet corn. When is the best time to purchase seeds? If you passion is growing vegetables fruit or herbs this is the magazine for you! Get your subscription today of Grow Your Own.  

BBC Gardeners World
BBC Gardeners World MagazineBBC Gardeners World is a UK magazine about gardening and horticulture. It is aligned with the BBC television series called Gardeners World. In BBC Gardeners World Magazine you will find how to articles on all kinds of gardening issues having to do with vegetables flowers and lawn.  Articles in recent issues include a calendar with gardening tasks to do week by week how to deal with the issue of vegetable glut how to prepare for next year’s harvest If you are new to food preservation you can get all the tips you need for canning freezing and preserving your bountiful harvests of vegetables and fruit. There are even recipes for making chutney and jam you will love. You can find information on new pot designs for your container garden and there is information on what to do with your lawn at the end of summer to make sure you will have a healthy lawn next spring. You can also find articles on how to experiment with different varieties of tomatoes to grow the best tasting tomatoes. There are also recipes for using your tomato crop in the summer and recommendations for storing your tomatoes.Maybe you are interested in making your garden look more professional by adding a garden path. In BBC Gardeners World Magazine you will find an article that help you decide on what kind of look you want for your garden path and how to make it your own.  Maybe you have decided you want to try planting your garden with your own seeds. BBC Gardeners World Magazine tells how to collect store and get your seeds ready for planting.There are even free giveaways with a magazine subscription to BBC Gardeners World. Get all the information you need to keep your garden in great shape and get prepared for next year’s harvest with BBC Gardeners World.

Garden Answers
Garden Answers Garden Answers magazine is the most valuable monthly gardening magazine for hands-on help for budding and advanced gardeners. You will not find as much advice on flower fruit and vegetable gardening as you will find in Garden Answers. If you have a thriving vegetable garden or a fantastic flower garden you will get the answers you need in Garden Answers’ informative articles illustrations and pictures that showcase easy to maintain gardens. Inside the pages of Garden Answers are plants garden spreads and tips and tricks. You can also receive free calendula seeds if you place your order for this monthly magazine – today. Learn how to garden with sunflowers and enjoy the impact in your flower beds. Want a colorful spring guarantee? Follow Garden Answers fifty ideas for spring bulbs. You can help summer last longer by learning how to dry summer flowers and plants. Fill your small courtyard with colorful flowers and lush plants. Want ladybugs to keep your garden pest free? Learn how in Garden Answers. Read how Pippa Greenwood is sowing a late season garden and there is a monthly column on garden first aid. You will receive free packs of flower seeds in each and every issue and if you want to build a pond – find illustrated plans on incredible fountains and ponds as well as where to purchase supplies. Purchase a subscription to Garden Answers magazine and get the best gardening magazine delivered to your door once a month. Your neighbors friends and family will want a copy – subscribe for them too. This magazine will make a wonderful gift for any garden enthusiast. 

Garden Design
Garden Design Magazine is written for those with a passion for both their gardens and their homes. Garden Design is more than just a dig-in-the-dirt gardening magazine it’s for people who appreciate the expert advice and gorgeous photography that will help you be a better gardener.

Garden Design Journal
Garden Design JournalGarden Design Journal is a U. K based magazine published monthly for the benefit of subscribers who have a genuine urge to keep the space outside their homes in spic and span condition by giving due credence to planting and pre-programmed maintenance tasks that must be carried out diligently right through the year. It is the sole gardening magazine in the U. K dedicated exclusively to garden design and keeps its readers updated on the latest trends in the landscaping industry.Guest writers international designers students members and critics regularly contribute articles containing practical information current news and events highlighting interesting and innovative designs supplemented with critical comments and overviews. Earth building planting and flowers forming the essential part of residential landscaping the magazine provides access to eco-friendly design options and advanced gardening methods to implement the best ethical and sustainable practices well supported by design reviews and case studies. It furnishes the must dos and must haves check lists to ensure that garden enthusiasts stick to the schedules of timely attention to tending of plants and watering of flower beds with the impetus on low cost and high impact gardens. With well illustrated outdoor garden images backing up its articles virtually all its columns like Upfront Regulars Reviews and Previews and Showcase throw up critical issues and proffer enough food for thought for the discerning garden designers.The diverse range of issues addressed by the Garden Design Journal amongst the innumerable others include no-go areas getting converted to community gardens; fusion of horticulture to architecture; the art of creative pruning; usage of glass for striking effects in landscapes and gardens etc which are a few examples indicating the enormous scope the subject of Garden Design offers for future exploration in the context of global environment management. So what are you waiting for? Get your subscription today!

Garden News
Garden NewsGarden News is printed in newspaper format and includes gardening hints and tips on planting and maintaining a creative and beautiful garden. This magazine also contains articles on people and their gardens and how they maintain fantastic gardens. You can also find detailed instructions on how to tour the most famous gardens in the UK.Pricing and product information on all gardening tools plants and gardening furniture is featured in a major section of this newspaper. Subscribe and get fifty-two issues a year.Read about the latest news in specific and fun articles. Read about how detectives cracked the case of bizarre garden furniture thefts in Scotland. One hundred and sixty stolen garden ornaments and furniture were recovered and thirty gnomes were among the booty. Full pictures included! (Why would they steal poor little garden gnomes?)Can a garden increase the value of your house? A well landscaped lawn and gorgeous garden can add 15 percent to the sales value of your home. Not to mention the ambience can be incredible while you are living there!  One of the most valuable articles I found was improving the quality of your life by gardening. I can attest to this! This article gives tips and tricks and stories of how gardening can increase a positive outlook on life while providing exercise. Prince Charles has a garden? In Garden News read the article on the Prince opening his garden in Highgrove to visitors. You can read all the information on the times dates and activities in Garden News. Garden News is fantastic and all photo spreads are done in high color. You will also receive information on where to purchase gardening products and how to get the layouts of beautiful and functional gardens in the UK. Don’t miss out! Subscribe and receive twelve issues a year. 

Horticulture Week
Horticulture WeekHorticulture Week provides current news for all horticulture professionals. Receive information on plants technical research and techniques and managing a successful business. Read the reviews of equipment and guides. Everything the professional ornamental editable historic or botanic garden horticulturist could ask for and more.Get the most up-to-date news in garden retail landscaping design park and garden aboriculture and ornamental nurseries. See extraordinary photographs of gardens both historical and botanical. Get tips on maintaining large parks and gardens or what to put in the small space.Discover what tractor trimmer or cutter to purchase in the Buying Advice section of the magazine. Learn about new products and suppliers. Read the latest test results on chainsaws mowers and trailers or read the reviews about new equipment.Read the in-depth market analysis reports and trends. Get advice from professionals when planning the next year’s business plans. Learn about research and horticultural techniques such as pest and disease control machinery tests and energy management.Receive advice on running your own horticultural business. Learn how to comply with legal and technical regulations. Get tips on buying and selling products or read the advertisement section. Read what other horticulturists are doing to increase sales of their products.Discover the popular plants or get supplier’s tips on purchasing the healthiest plant. Read about the Grower of the Year Awards or Horticulture Week Landscape and Amenity Awards. Attend an exhibition and events to get the latest news on plants and equipment. Read the letters submitted to the editor or submit your own comment.Get planting guides buyers and supplier’s guides and a directory of equipment suppliers. Learn new techniques for growing hybrids or ensuring the grafting is successful.For all horticulture professionals read Horticulture Week to get the most up-to-date information and news on plants running your business and purchasing equipment. Get your subscription of Horticulture Week today.

Garden magazines

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Grow your own magazine
Grow Your Own £19.95

Grow Your Own Binder £7.25

The English Garden £3.00

Garden Answers £5 for the first 3 issues, £20 Six Monthly Direct Debit Thereafter to UK £5.00

Garden Design Journal £5.00

House and Garden £5.00

Gardens Illustrated £17.50

Kitchen Garden £18.00

Amateur Gardening £18.49

Your Chickens Magazine Subscription £19.50

Grow Your Own £19.95

Garden Answers Six Monthly Direct Debit + Vintage Metal Watering Can in Mint Green to UK £21.00

Garden Answers Six Monthly Direct Debit + Vintage Metal Watering Can in Cream to UK £21.00

Garden News Six Monthly Direct Debit to UK £30.00

The English Garden Magazine Subscription £30.99

Your Chickens £31.00

Gardeners’ World Magazine £36.70

Homes and Gardens £36.99

Gardeners’ World Magazine Subscription Gift Pack £38.99

Garden Answers £42.12

Garden News £82.78

Horticulture Week £93.00

City Cottage magazine

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Read the City Cottage magazine – a great free gardening and allotment magazine! Fab new mag from the talented Paul Peacock aka Mr Digwell

Gardening Magazine offers

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Fab magazines deals – a gardening magazine gives you loads of seasonal hints and tips and something to read when it’s too wet to go out and fo the gardening!

Garden Answers Six Monthly Direct Debit + 100 Packets of Seeds to UK

Garden Answers Six Monthly Direct Debit + 100 Packets of Seeds to UK from GreatMagazines £20.50
Solves all your gardening problems every monthGarden Answers magazine is the most practical gardening monthly and much more. It inspires, encourages and helps you to garden with a no-nonsense approach. You can trust our experts and our advice to help you get the most from your gardening hobby.

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Chicken Magazine offer

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

New product today at Magazines

Your Chickens Magazine Subscription

Your Chickens Magazine Subscription from Subscription Save £19.50
Your Chickens is a magazine for the back garden chicken keeper. Full of tips, advice and real life stories of people who have joined the chicken keeping boom. Your Chickens celebrates all that is good about chicken keeping. Your Chickens is published 12 times a year.

24 Months Direct Debit
55% OFF
SAVE £43.01

24 Months Credit Card
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