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Herb dryer

Monday, May 13th, 2013

If you grow your own herbs then this is something you could probably use to help dry some of your herb crop to ensure you have dried herbs in the cupboard for over winter.
Whilst we’d all love to use fresh herbs all year round it is really hard with lots of plants to keep them growing through the year. Growing a surplus and drying them is a great way of storing and being able to use your own home-grown herbs all year round.

Herb Dryer
Our herb dryer is a practical, easy-to-use and stylish device designed to dry herbs, seeds, chilies, mushrooms and more.Air drying is an ancient effective method of preserving crops, which intensifies flavours and enables you to use your home grown and foraged produce all year round.Made from salvaged rubber wood with thee unbleached cotton sheets, the dryer is easy to assemble and comes with instructions .
Measures 37cm wide by 37cm deep by 26cm high.

Wormery kits from Original Organics

Monday, May 13th, 2013

I’ve never had a wormery but its so tempting!

The Original Wormery Deluxe Kit
The Deluxe Original Wormery Kit including an Original Wormery, Wormery stand. compost caddy, insulation jacket and composting with worms book!

The Tiger Wormery (3-Tray) Black Deluxe Kit
Our brand new, improved, multi-tray Wormery, with TIGER (worm) POWER!

The Tiger Wormery (4-Tray) Black
Our brand new, improved, multi-tray Wormery, with TIGER (worm) POWER!

The Tiger Wormery (3-Tray) Black
Our brand new, improved, multi-tray Wormery, with TIGER (worm) POWER!

The Original Wormery with Stand
Our excellent Original Wormery complete with a stand to allow easy access to the tap.

The Tiger Wormery Pet Poo Loo
The Tiger Wormery Pet Poo Loo is a great way to turn pet poo into great worm castings (compost) and a liquid fertiliser for your garden.

The Original Wormery
The Original Wormery is our best selling all-in-one Wormery and was the very first commercially available Wormery – invented nearly 20 years ago by our MD, Clive Roberts.

The Midi Wormery
The Midi Wormery is the smaller sister of our bestselling Original Wormery, and slightly larger than our Junior Wormery. The middle of our range of Wormeries, The Midi Wormery is ideal for locations where space is limited – and also fits neatly into many kitchen cupboards! The Midi Wormery operates in a similar way to both the Junior Wormery and our Original Wormery, through an internal drainage system.

Green Johanna Hot Composter

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Green Johanna Hot Composter
The Green Johanna was developed in Sweden to provide a simple, easy to use compost system to safely compost all degradable kitchen waste all year round!The well thought out, patented design of Green Johanna means you do not have to know much about composting – with Green Johanna everyone can compost now!Green Johanna can compost two parts food waste to one part garden waste. All food waste including meat, fish and bones can be put in Green Johanna.
Includes1 x Mixing Stick4 x Outer Rings1 x Lid1 x Base2 x Doors1 x Bag of Fixing Screws1 X Instruction Manual

Food waste compostingTo fully appreciate Green Johannas design it helps to consider what is necessary to recycle waste the way nature does. Every year the same natural cycle occurs; leaves, twigs and trees fall to earth, decompose and become food for new plants.Naturally occurring micro-organisms, bugs and worms, together with oxygen and moisture do all the work. In the process heat is produced.Some very valuable micro-organisms work at temperatures as high as 65C (150F)! This is hot composting, oxygen in the air is critical to the process.
Height 94 cm
Diameter of lid 54 cm
Diameter of base 82 cm
Weight 9.5 kg (10 kg with box)
Volume 11.4 cu ft/330 litre

Disguised water butts

Monday, May 13th, 2013

If you don’t want a standard water butt in your garden then why not look at these as options?

475L Evergreen Tree Trunk Water Butt
The Evergreen Tree Trunk Water Butt holds an impressive 475 Litres (104 Gallons).The design for this unique rainwater tank is from an actual German Oak tree trunk. A highly realistic finish was obtained through a special weather proofing treatment of the PE; it’s so realistic it’s hard to separate from the original.Evergreen comes in either light brown or dark brown.It comes complete with a wall fixing bracket and a 3/4″ Brass Tap, with connection points for a screw in tap, and a side outlet for draining and connecting to another water butt. There is a child safety lock integrated within the lid.We recommend using a 3p Filter Collector for filling from your down pipe.Height: 120cm / Diameter: 70-78cm / Capacity: 475Litres (104 Gallons)

300L Finesse Wood Effect Water Butt
Real wooden shingles and Nordic spruce were the inspiration for this truly unique rainwater tank. Due to its slim form and the small footprint, there will be space for it in the even smallest garden.It has a volume of 300 litres (65 gallons) and a height of 175 cm, it blends in well next to garden sheds or alongside lap panel fencing.Finesse comes in either light brown or dark brown.It comes complete with a wall fixing bracket and a 3/4″ Brass Tap, with connection points for a screw in tap, and a side outlet for draining and connecting to another water butt.We recommend using a 3p Filter Collector for filling from your down pipe.Height: 175cm / Depth: 40cm / Width: 60cm / Capacity: 300Litres (65 Gallons)

Greenhouses at Original organics

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Great greenhouses at Original Organics

6x8 Aluminium Greenhouse

6×8 Aluminium Greenhouse £269.99
Constructed with a strong aluminium frame, this 4 room greenhouse is ideal solution for longer life greenhouses that provide insulation and protection for plants all year round. With a powdered coated finish, making more attractive to the eye and resisting rust.The Kingfisher range of polycarbonate greenhouses offer a practical and safe alternative to conventional glass greenhouses, with easier assembly and virtually unbreakable. The range of greenhouses are light weight making them easy to handle, whilst the rigid aluminium frame remains sturdy and strong.An integral gutter system allows for effective water drainage, making sure puddles cannot collect at the base. Water can then be diverted to an alternative collection facility enabling you to recycle water use in garden.All Kingfisher polycarbonate greenhouses come with a ventilation window allowing effective temperature control.

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Leafmould compost

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Everything you need to make leafmould compost.

Leaves take longer to break down so you’re best putting them in a wire bin like these available at Original Organics

110 Litre Leafmould Bin

110 Litre Leafmould Bin £24.95
A robust, self-contained bin for leafmould making. Particularly suited to the smaller garden.

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Interesting composter

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

New product at Original Organics

The CompoSphere - Rollable Tumbler

The CompoSphere – Rollable Tumbler £109.95
The CompoSphere is a great new way to make and transport compost in and around the garden. Just like a Compost Tumber – only better!

Another very unusual composter!

Rollable compost bag

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Fantastic products at Original Organics and with a brilliant invention here for making compost quickly. There are several composters that allow you to rotate the container which speeds up the process by mixing everything together. This one is the cheapest I’ve seen and it does it by being rolled on the ground so there’s no complicated set up.
It’s certainly an interesting idea and I think something people would all like to try. If you can make compost in 6 weeks with a little effort then that’d be fantastic for your garden.

Haxnicks RollMix Rollable Compost Bag

Haxnicks RollMix Rollable Compost Bag £15.99
Home composting has never been easier, quicker or more fun than with the RollMix™ Composter!Simply add the specified mix of organic waste from the simple how-to instructions included on the reverse of the pack.The polyethylene fabric traps heat, and by adding water and rolling, it is possible to make your own compost within 6 weeks.With your rich, nutritious compost you can top up raised beds, add to the base of plants and even use as a peat-free potting compost.

This is useful if you live in a rented property and don’t want a permanent long term compost container or have limited space.

I can see this being incredibly useful – imagine turning out good quality home made compost every six weeks! Rolling this looks easier than turning a huge compost bin full of material.

Original Organics

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

With low prices, ‘no-quibble’ money back guarantee at Original Organics

Tons of really interesting gardening things including a lot of wormeries!