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Interesting plants

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Some lovely plants for the garden. Pretty plants with different looks for your garden

Acer and Bamboo Pleioblastus Plants

Acer and Bamboo Pleioblastus Plants from £17.00
Content: 1 Acer (9cm), 1 Bamboo (9cm). The Acer Atropurpurea is one of the most reliable acers. The young foliage is a spectacular transparent red. Later in the season the leaves turn into a deep purple-brown-red. Ideal for small gardens. The wonderful variegated foliage on the dwarf bamboo makes it a highly decorative addition to ny garden. Its bright yellow and green streaks provide an eye catching focal point. Acer delivered in a 9cm pot approx 30cm tall, bamboo delivered in a 9cm pot approx 15cm tall.

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Community allotment open mornings

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Community Allotment, at Meersbrook Road, Friday mornings, to enjoy working together, learning about organic growing, and taking home produce (to arrange to come along, call Alison 2580599, Heather 2217284).

Listed here in the Sheffield Telegraph

This sounds like a nice way of encouraging people to come along!

Do you have a community plot on your allotment site? How is it run?

Need wellies for gardening

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Hunter Wellies are some of the best available.
I’m looking for a new pair and have found these in size 6 at Gardening Direct
(I’m size 6 but of course they have lots of other sizes! )

Hunter Original Green Wellington Boots - Size 6

Hunter Original Green Wellington Boots – Size 6 £59.99
Renowned for their ultimate comfort and fit, the Hunter Original Wellington Boot is a great general use boot, ideal for everything from shopping to walking the dog. The simple design, extraordinary comfort and versatility has won the Hunter Original iconic status resulted in it becoming the ultimate outdoor fashion footwear.

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Patchwork of colour in your garden

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Pretty flowersCreate a simple yet effective colour pattern with these patchwork collections of flowers.
Orders for patchwork collections must arrive by 31st December.
Free delivery on all orders too
So buy as many or as few plants as you like and delivery is free.

These are all the 100 plug plants that need growing on, but they are available in different sizes for later delivery taking less work. If you’ve got a big garden, or are planning to make tubs of flowers for friends as Springtime gifts then this number of plants means you get great value.

Follow instructions included with the plug plants and you should have great success.
Plug plants are easy to grow on but need some shelter so a greenhouse, cold frame or even conservatory will do.
Mix and match plants and colours in your garden for a vibrant colourful effect.
Be bold with your planting.
When planting in tubs remember to mix in some plant food and water retaining crystals to help the plants along.

Antirrhinum Rainbow Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Begonia Destiny Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £11.99

Begonia Sahara Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £10.99

Begonia Sparkle Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Geranium Balcony Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £15.99

100 Geranium Parade Patchwork + 60 Plants FREE £10.99

Impatiens Double Deluxe Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £11.99

Impatiens Jigsaw Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £10.99

Impatiens Summer Waterfall Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £11.99

Lobelia Trail Away Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Mimulus Masterpiece Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Nicotiana Essence Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Pansy Grande Fragrance Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £10.99

Petunia Bolero Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £10.99

Petunia Grand Prix Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Petunia Passionata Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Salvia Hot Hot Hot Patchwork 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99

Snow Shovel – tried and tested

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Path clearedsnow shovelThe Stewart Snow Shovel was put through it’s paces today. I cleared five paths in total – all different surfaces to see how it worked.
It’s lightweight and easy to hold. The D shaped handle means you can hold on to it and get a good rhythm going making it easy to make light work of snow clearing.

It’s available in two lengths
40cm Snow Shovel (wooden or aluminium handle) £12.99
46cm Snow Shovel (wooden or aluminium handle) £14.99
The one I’ve tried is the wooden handled one. This is not cold to grip which is a consideration if you’ve not got thick gloves to keep your hand warm when you’re holding it.
It’s easy to swap hands and use the shovel both sides too so you don’t wear your arms out.
The metal edge on the front makes it very good for scraping along the paths and clearing lots of snow off. It does make a lot of noise on some surfaces though but you know it’s there to protect the plastic of the shovel.

The shovel has a decent size scoup shape allowing you to shovel and clear snow by just pushing it along if you don’t want to shovel it out of the way. But it’s not as big as other snow shovels, but this means you’re never going to overload the shovel – it’s a couple of inches less wide than another snow shovel I’ve tried and I found this one so easy to move about even when I’d loaded it up with snow.

It’s easy to store as it can be hung up by the D handle too.
Lightweight and practical winter accessory. Every home should have one.

It didn’t take me long to clear the neighbours paths!

You should find Stewart Snow Shovels in shops. Their website is here

Christmas gift idea for gardeners

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Vegetable Growing Month-by-MonthVegetable Growing Month-by-Month – this is a great book! A useful resource and reference for the whole year.

Vegetable Growing Month-by-Month

Only £3.99 at the moment at Amazon.

A month by month guide about what you should be doing on your allotment or garden. Growing vegetables explained and you’ll find useful hints and help.

No glossy photos but you don’t need them! This is a practical book (Take it with you to the plot) and will come in handy month after month as you check through how to grow veggies and see what things you should be doing each month outside.

Potatoes at Thompson and Morgan

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Is this the biggest range of seed potatoes in the UK?
PotatoesHuge list of potato varieties At Thompson and Morgan

This massive list of potatoes allows you to buy individual types or to pick from their carefully selected selection of collections.

Potatoes grown at home or on the plot are delicious. First earlies are always popular – home grown new potatoes are one of the best reasons to grow things at home! You can not beat that deliciousness that you get from freshly picked spuds boiled and put on a plate within half an hour of leaving the plot! Yummy spuds will make you want to grow your own every year once you’ve tried them. Start some off in bags in the greenhouse – potato sacks allow you to move them outside once frost risk has passed and you need the greenhouse for other things. Brilliant way of getting even earlier spuds.

On the allotment put them in and earth them up as they grow. Chit them on the windowsill to start with though so you get them going.

Spuds are easy and so delicious!

Potato ‘Accord’

Potato ‘Allotment Favourites Collection’

Potato ‘Anya’

Potato ‘Apache’

Potato ‘Arran Pilot’

Potato ‘Baby New Potato Collection’

Potato ‘Beginners Collection’

Potato ‘Belana’

Potato ‘Belle de Fontenay’

Potato ‘Best Blight Busters Collection’ (Sarpo)

Potato ‘Blue Belle’

Potato ‘Blue Danube’

Potato ‘Blue Danube’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘British Queen’

Potato ‘Camelot’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Cara’

Potato ‘Carlingford’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Casablanca’

Potato ‘Charlotte’

Potato ‘Customer Favourites Collection’

Potato ‘Desiree’

Potato ‘Druid’

Potato ‘Dunluce’

Potato ‘Elizabeth’

Potato ‘Epicure’

Potato ‘Favourite Earlies Collection A’

Potato ‘Favourite Earlies Collection B’

Potato ‘Foremost’

Potato ‘Golden Nugget’

Potato ‘Golden Wonder’

Potato ‘Harlequin’

Potato ‘Harmony’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Heritage Collection’

Potato ‘Highland Burgundy Red’

Potato ‘Inca Bella’

Potato ‘International Kidney’

Potato ‘Juliette’

Potato ‘Kestrel’

Potato ‘Kestrel’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Kifli’

Potato ‘King Edward’

Potato ‘Lady Balfour’

Potato ‘Lady Christl’

Potato ‘Marfona’

Potato ‘Maris Bard’

Potato ‘Maris Peer’

Potato ‘Maris Peer’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Maris Piper’

Potato ‘Maxine’ Exhibitor Grade

Potato ‘Mayan Gold’

Potato ‘Mr Little’s Yetholm Gypsy’

Potato ‘Multi Minis Collection’

Potato ‘Nadine’ Exhibitor Grade

Potato ‘Novella’

Potato ‘Orla’

Potato ‘Orla’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Pentland Javelin’

Potato ‘Picasso’

Potato ‘Piccolo Star’

Potato ‘Pink Fir Apple’

Potato ‘Ratte’

Potato ‘Red Duke of York’

Potato ‘Rocket’

Potato ‘Rooster’

Potato ‘Rubesse’

Potato ‘Salad Blue’

Potato ‘Sante’

Potato ‘Sarpo Axona’

Potato ‘Sarpo Axona’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘Sarpo Collection B’

Potato ‘Sarpo Collection’

Potato ‘Sarpo Gwyn’

Potato ‘Sarpo Mira’

Potato ‘Sarpo Mira’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘Sarpo Trio Collection’

Potato ‘Sarpo Una’

Potato ‘Sarpo Una’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘Sarpo’ Family Introductions

Potato ‘Shetland Black’

Potato ‘Shona’

Potato ‘Swift’

Potato ‘Vales Emerald’

Potato ‘Vales Emerald’ Kit

Potato ‘Valor’

Potato ‘Vivaldi’

Potato ‘Vivaldi’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Winston’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Yukon Gold’

Potato 60 tuber Lucky Dip

Potato Collection (Christmas)

Potato Collection – ‘Charlotte’, ‘Maris Peer’ and ‘Vales Emerald’

Potato Exhibitor Collection

Potato Minituber ‘Aura’

Potato Minituber ‘Congo’

Potato Minituber ‘Fortyfold’

Potato Minituber ‘Mr Little’s Yetholm Gypsy’

Potato Minituber ‘Puritan’

Potato Minituber ‘Red Craigs Royal’

Potato Minituber ‘Vitelotte’

Potato Organic Collection

Potato Patio Planter Collection

Potato Patio Planters Collection

Potato Perfect Patio Potatoes

Potato Salad Collection

Potato Second Cropping Collection (Christmas)

Potatoes for Planters Collection

Free delivery garden shops

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Jersey Plants direct sell tons of plants including Autumn and Spring Bedding plants. Their delivery is always free – no matter what order size. This means you can shop with confidence knowing no matter how little or much you order you don’t have to worry about postage costs on top.

Jersey Plants Direct free delivery on all orders

If you want to brighten up your garden then JPD’s free delivery means you can get more plants for your money.

With some shops charging £5 or more for delivery it is well worth knowing which places offer free delivery. It’s not just on seeds either like some places, it’s on every order.

They currently have Christmas gifts with free delivery too. Perfect gift ideas for those who don’t eat chocolates or like a drink! Safe and lovely Christmas plants that will make someone’s Christmas really special and last for a long time too!
Great value across their entire plant range too.

Christmas Gifts that are available include:
1. Mixed Carnation Bouquet
2. Red & Gold Carnation Bouquet
3. Scented Indoor Hyacinth
4. Multiflowering Amaryllis
5. Princettia

All of these would make fab gifts for all gardeners and plant lovers! Cut flowers are always special to get for Christmas or birthdays!

Free plants from cuttings

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Always ask before taking cuttings from other people’s gardens. Very few people would say no – unless of course the plant is struggling to grow in which case people cutting bits off it won’t help it.

There are different sorts of cuttings to take. New growth and older more woody growth. There are some plants that just won’t grow from cuttings too.
The easiest thing to do though is to just try it!
You could look up each plant’s particular requirements for rooting cuttings. There are some plants that require you to make the cutting grow roots before you remove it from the plant. This you do by wrapping part of the stem with moss and waiting until roots have formed.
If you take a soft stem cutting then it’s worth just trying it in a glass of water or straight into soil. If you’ve taken several cuttings you could try each and see which gets best results. If a plant doesn’t take then was it the wrong time of year? Some prefer to grow from cuttings in the spring. It’s very much trial and error too in terms of temperature – but generally I’ve found a windowsill or in the greenhouse work really well for most things.
There are some things you can grow from root cuttings – slicing up the root into sections and putting them in a pot.
If you want to plant roots up the right way then cut them level on the upper bit but slope down the bottom end so you can put them in the right way.
There are some plants that don’t need any encouragement to grow and grow – things like mint, dandelions and couch grass.
With a little practice you should be able to get cuttings to grow from all sorts of things.
One of the most interesting experiments I did last year was sticking tomato side shoots into a pot of compost! They grew very happily and provided me with mini tomato plants. Perfect use of what would otherwise be thrown away.

By asking neighbours for cuttings of plants you can increase the number of plants you have and sometimes you’ll get talking to people who are generous with their plants and knowledge! It’s nice to have local gardening friends and sometimes they’re easier to find than you think! People with interesting plants in their garden are often keen gardeners and happy to talk about what they have grown.
If someone says no to letting you have a cutting of a plant, then respect their decision. It’d be wrong to sneak back at 2am with your cutters!
If you don’t mind waiting for plants to grow then starting them off from cuttings is a great money saving hint.
Some plants are easier than others and some will be tricky, but just try it! What have you got to lose?
Put some perlite into a pot of compost to make it lighter so there’s less soggy soil around the cutting. You can also water regularly just let it drain too.
You’d be surprised what you can get cuttings from – the packets of cut rosemary you can buy in supermarkets have provided me with two plants recently. They’re growing away on my windowsill ready to be planted out next spring.
These were just ready cut stems that I stuck into a small vase until they’d rooted and then potted on.
It’s amazing to think just how many plants you could grow from cuttings. If you do manage to grow plenty of plants they why not share them with your gardening friends too?

Barking up the wrong tree?

Monday, December 12th, 2011

If you have beds and borders then you might like to use bark as a mulch to keep the weeds down or cover weed suppressant fabric.

RoLawn Direct have three types of bark – landscaping, decorating, and play quality bark.
Landscaping is for paths and other areas, decorating bark is a prettier golden brown colour and play bark is suitable for play areas.
Play areas like swings and slides need bark if the grass is getting scuffed or muddy. Create a boxed in area and cover the surface to the required depth.
Use bark mulch to protect plants from weeds. They will stop seeds from germinating and slowly rot down to improve the soil. You can buy bark in bags too. Buy in bulk bags if you are happy to unload from place, or buy it in bags to allow you to move bags around the garden.

Rolawn Landscaping Bark (1m³ Bulk Bag - 1,000 litres approx volume when packed)

Rolawn Landscaping Bark (1m³ Bulk Bag – 1,000 litres approx volume when packed) £74.80
Rolawn Landscaping Bark is a quality multi purpose grade bark derived from forestry woodchip. It is a natural product which helps enhance the appearance of a landscaped area.

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