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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Blooming Direct reduced the price on these items today

Exotic 'Flame Lily' (Gloriosa rothschildiana) plant - pack of 3 tubers

Exotic ‘Flame Lily’ (Gloriosa rothschildiana) plant – pack of 3 tubers was £12.99 now £7.99
It’s easy to see how the spectacular ‘Flame Lily’ got it’s name! Now you can create simply stunning displays in your garden with this exotic beauty. Fiery-red, yellow- streaked flowers will dance like flames in the evening breeze across the summer months, providing an eye-catching spectacle and a hint of wonderful fragrance as you sit on your patio. Gloriosa rothschildiana, as it is properly named, is the national flower of Zimbabwe, and is perfect for cutting and creating vivid cut flower displays too, which last several weeks. For best results, plant 3 in a 25-30cm pot, and start off in a warm spot, either on a heater or in an airing cupboard, and keep frost free till May. The corms will store for many weeks in a cool, dry spot if you need to. Place outside for the Summer, and when it warms up they will shoot and twine away – use a few canes or pea sticks for support. They will flower in August and September, and slowly die back underground. keep dry and frost free over Winter for bigger and better displays next year.

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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Blooming Direct has cut the price of this item

Loropetalum "Firedance" (Chinese Witch Hazel) plants - set of 3 in 9cm pots

Loropetalum "Firedance" (Chinese Witch Hazel) plants – set of 3 in 9cm pots was £12.99 now £9.99
Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance…Spectacular Firework-Like Flowers, Striking All Year Round Foliage, Easy To Grow And Winter Hardy! A plant for all seasons and all gardens the Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance really is one of the most spectacular plants you can own! Incredibly exotic looking this highly prized beauty is actually very hardy and easy to grow. Its glorious, rich burgundy, oval shaped leaves contrast superbly against any green foliage and act as a dramatic backdrop to its spectacular vibrant pink flowers. Often likened to sea coral, the highly unusual ribbon-shaped petals explode from the centre just like a firework and completely smother the plant throughout late Spring and early Summer just when you need interest in your garden. As spectacular in a pot on your patio as in any border, Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance requires nothing more than an occasional trim to keep it in perfect shape.

Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Blooming Direct reduced the price on this item today

Snowdrops (Single flowered) - pack of 50 in the green

Snowdrops (Single flowered) – pack of 50 in the green was £14.99 now £7.49
Snowdrops In The Green – the guaranteed way to succeed with these early spring flowering beauties! The earliest and bravest of all flowering Spring bulbs, the delicate snowdrop with its tiny white petals and green-tinged centres bursts in bloom when the weather is at its very harshest. While all around it lies decidedly dormant, this cheery, fresh-faced little fellow brightens the gloomiest of looking gardens. Difficult to grow from just the dry bulbs found in garden centres, the best way to ensure success is to plant Snowdrops while they are still in leaf otherwise known as in the green. The soil surrounding the bulbs contains a special fungus encouraging a strong and vigorous new root system. By planting in this way you can look forward to a stunning display in your garden from the very first season!

Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Price reduction on this item at Blooming Direct

Living Pot-Grown Norway Spruce 0.8-1M

Living Pot-Grown Norway Spruce 0.8-1M was £19.99 now £14.99
It’s impossible to beat that stunning fresh pine fragrance that a real Christmas Tree brings to the home. Artificial trees just aren’t the same in their odd shades of green and papery needles, but fresh cut trees are very expensive for just a few weeks use before they’re hauled off to the shredder – and they can make a mess too. That’s where our fabulous Living Pot-Grown Christmas Trees are a real winner. Yes, you’ll get that lovely pine fragrance filling the room every day, but it will not drop the needles – because it’s still alive! And at about the same cost as a cut tree, you can keep it from year to year too and save a lot of money over 5 or even 10 years. The Norway Spruce is the classic Christmas Tree. British-Grown on the same farms as cut trees, they have been nurtured and trimmed in just the same way. But, because they are grown in their pots, they can easily be kept for many, many years to come. Just a little water in the rootball when used indoors each year, and once the decorations come down, pop it back outside and keep it growing in either or pot or in the ground. In itself, it is a beautiful evergreen garden tree, lovely all year round. It needs no special feeding or pruning – just ensure it does not dry out in summer. Very slow growing, you can use it for many Christmasses to come. Living Christmas Trees – combing fresh pine fragrance, little needledrop and saving you money over buying a tree every year. Adopt one now!

Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Price cut on this item at Blooming Direct

Buddleia 'Flower Power' plant 2L

Buddleia ‘Flower Power’ plant 2L was £14.99 now £9.99
Introducing this magical and unique Buddleia, ‘Flower Power’, that has taken years of dedication from plant breeders to produce. The first hybrid Buddleia between normal types, and a yellow flowered species, it has gorgeous ‘colour changing’ spires of flowers, from purple to orange – and all shades in between! What a sensational new colour for hot summer borders and shrubberies. It retains the ability to attract Butterflies, hence the common name Butterfly Bush, in flower in Summer it will become a mecca for beautiful peacock and tortoishells. The bees will love it too – and repay you by pollinating crops for you! Hardy and easy to grow, its multicoloured displays of colour and sweet scent will last all Summer long.  It is more upright and less bushy than more common Buddleia, and can quite lax in some cases, so may need some support in windy spots. Grow in well-drained borders in sunny spots for maximum Flower Power. Look forward to great Summer displays year after year.

Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Blooming Direct reduced the price on these lines today

The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection x 12 Mature Bushes

The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection x 12 Mature Bushes was £24.99 now £14.99
You can now enjoy true year-round interest with vibrant flower colour, brightly coloured berries and stems, tactile bark and wonderfully fragrant flowers  – simply brilliant value for money compared to expensive potted garden centres shrubs. These 12 tried and tested garden winners will fill any gaps you might have in your existing beds and borders or allow you to plant a new one from scratch, with each individual shrub having the potential to fill 1m2 / circa 10ftsq. Once planted they will rapidly grow away and look tremendous from this year onwards, providing a stunning visual display and a degree of privacy and security for you, as well as a natural safe haven for a wide variety of wildlife. The berries will provide much needed winter food for wild birds and the shrubby structure will provide cover and protection for them too. Varieties Included: Symphoricarpos albus: Known as the ‘Common Snowberry’ for obvious reason! The berries provide much needed winter food for wildlife. Height 3-4ft.Syringa vulgaris: The common Lilac produces fragrant lavender coloured blooms each May. Hardy and deciduous and great for hedging, it grows to 10-15ft tall.Cornus alba: The ‘Red-Barked Dogwood’ provides fantastic autumn colour with its bright red vertical branches. In summer it leafs up and even has soft pink flowers in mid-summer. Height 3-4ft. Potentilla ‘Red Ace’: Beautiful scarlet-red flowers all summer long, contrast wonderfully with rich green foliage! Height 2-3ft.Hibiscus syriacus Blue: Exotic yet hardy! Torrents of lavender-blue flowers each summer! Height 4-5ft. Spirea douglasii: Part of the rose family, it is often know as the ‘Rose Spirea’. Easy to grow with masses of pretty pink flowers in early summer. Perfect for small spaces – height 3ft Forsythia intermedia ‘Spectabilis’: Literally one of the most spectacular early season shrubs because of its bright yellow bloom. Perfect for hedges and really easy to grow. Height 4-5 ft. although can be trimmed in to a tidy hedge. Hypericum moserianum ‘St John’s Wort: Lush green foliage and pretty, bright yellow flowers all summer long. Perfect for a sunny or part-shaded position. Height 3-4ft. Deutzia scabra: Also Known as the Fuzzy Deutzia, this native of Japan & China grows to around 8ft tall and smothers itself in pure white fragrant flowers in June. Berberis thunbergii ‘Atropurpurea’: A great hedging plant because of its spiky branches, but also a beautiful garden plant. The yellow flowers appear in late spring and the purple foliage provides lovely autumn colour. Height 3-4ft. Philadelphus coronarius: Commonly known as the ‘Mock Orange’ it will be clothed in a profusion of creamy-white flowers throughout June & July. The flowers are fabulously fragrant. Height 5-6ft.Weigela rosea: A lovely garden shrub, with fabulous pink flower colour in May, June and July. Height 3-4ft.

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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Blooming Direct has cut the price of this product

Hardy Perennial Gerbera 'Garvinea' Collection - pack of 3 colours in 7cm pots

Hardy Perennial Gerbera ‘Garvinea’ Collection – pack of 3 colours in 7cm pots was £14.99 now £9.99
The world’s first Hardy Gerbera in a range of bright, zingy neon colours, the Garvinea series was launched 3 years ago to great acclaim across Europe. Bringing popular florists gerbera flowers to a garden perennial, they give an amazing 5 Months of colour form Spring to Autumn every year – not many plants can do that. Well, now they have got even better. The breeders in Holland who created them have developed an improved series with much bigger flowers, and even longer lasting performance. called the ‘Sweet Series’, they are brand new in 2014, and we are pleased to be able to get some of the limited stock. Retaining the same benefits of being Winter Hardy to around -8C (although avoid severe Winter wet), and flowering for several seasons of colour, their highly distinctive flowers simply keep coming – up to 50 on a  2 year old plant. We love them in traditional terracotta pots, in the sun, or grow in well-drained borders at the front, they will amaze you with their persistence of flowering and sheer flower number. In Winter they are herbaceous, so die back completely underground, to emerge bigger and better next year. You will get one plant each about to flower of: ‘Sweet Glow’ – deep warm orange’Sweet Smile’ – warm honey yellow’Sweet Spice’ – bright magenta purple

Price reductions at Blooming Direct

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Reduced price on products today at Blooming Direct

300 Summer Flowering Bulb Collection on 7 varieties

300 Summer Flowering Bulb Collection on 7 varieties was £24.99 now £12.49
Transform your garden this summer with this simply brilliant collection of summer-flowering bulbs. Youll be amazed by the dazzling array of colours and variety of shapes for 5 whole months of summer! From tall spires of Gladioli, to pretty, disc-shaped Anemones, in multi-coloured vivid shades they are all sure-fire winners! They are perfect for patio containers and flower borders and best of all, each of these items will naturalise, so youll potentially get bigger and better displays each year for many years to come! All of these bulbs will flower from this summer, so youll get a minimum of 300 stems of vivid colour this season! A selection of beautiful summer bulbs comprising: 20 Gladioli Mixed Colours: Tall spires of multi-coloured flowers, perfect to cut for your home or brighten your garden. Extremely easy and low maintenance, and yet very rewarding. 50 Acidanthera Muraliae: Beautiful white flowers with a dark purple blotch at the centre. Tall slender pleated leaves 55 Brodiaea Mixed Colours: Clusters of attractive bell shaped blooms which make ideal bedding plants equally well suited to patio tubs and pots. 20 Freesia Mixed Colours: One of the most attractive and sweetly fragrant summer flowering bulbs. Perfect for patio pots, beds and borders, and will look brilliant in a vase in your home 55 Allium Violet Beauty: Large rich-purple blooms that reach around 10cm in diameter. The added bonus is the soft fragrance that oozes from the blooms!   50 Sparaxis Mixed Colours: Perfect for adding vivid colour to your garden and make excellent cut flowers 50 Liatris spicata: Tall magenta-purple flower spikes appear from mid summer. Superb in the border and lovely in a vase.  

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New products at Blooming Direct

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Loads of new products today at Blooming Direct

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New products at Blooming Direct

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Blooming Direct has these new products today

Mediterranean Oleander Collection plant collection - 3 colours in 17cm pots

Mediterranean Oleander Collection plant collection – 3 colours in 17cm pots £19.99
3 Sweetly Fragrant Mediterranean Oleander Plants Smothered In Summer-Long Flowers, Fully Hardy – Perfect For Your Patio! One of the UKs favourite exotics, these gorgeous Oleander plants will add a real warm Mediterranean feel to your patio or balcony with their boldly coloured, sweetly perfumed pink, red and white blooms standing out against their rich green, glossy foliage. Flowering from May to September, each Oleander plant looks stunning in a terracotta pot on a patio or balcony. So easy to grow, Oleander plants simply love hot dry weather, yet are perfectly happy in conditions down to -5C. Brilliant value, these large, 3 year old plants are supplied fully established in 17cm pots.

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