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New products at GreenFingers

by John - April 9th, 2009.
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Lots of new products at GreenFingers

Evergreen Mow It Less 220SQM
Evergreen Mow It Less 220SQM £9.99
Evergreen Mow it Less Lawn Food gives a quick and easy way to a lush green lawn with less mowing than a standard lawn food. EverGreen Mow It Less gives a greener lawn in just 3 days and then gradually produces a thicker greener lawn over subsequent weeks

Verbena Pink Parfait
Verbena Pink Parfait £9.99
Verbena Pink Parfait has large heads of bicoloured florets that are mouth-watering shades ranging from candy-pink to raspberry red which literally smother the foliage. These tumble and cascade beautifully from baskets and pots in a floral waterfall
Dura Pent Shed 299 x 179cm (10' x 6')
Dura Pent Shed 299 x 179cm (10′ x 6′) £479.99
This Dura Pent Shed 299 x 179cm (10′ x 6′) is great value for money and would make an attractive addition to your garden and. It
Dura Pent Shed 179 x 119cm (6 'x 4')
Dura Pent Shed 179 x 119cm (6 ‘x 4’) £322.99
This Dura Pent Shed 179 x 119cm (6′ x 4) offers great value for money and is an ideal garden shed offering ample storage space. As well as being attractive when in use it adds more space to your house garage or loft.Made from Pine this high quality sh
Begonia Lotto
Begonia Lotto £9.49
Begonia Lotto are exceptionally large flowered
Hardy Fuchsia Army Nurse
Hardy Fuchsia Army Nurse £6.99
Hardy Fuchsia Army Nurse is eye-catching in both colour and form – they certainly rescue a fading garden with their lively flurry of late blooms which last well into the autumn. These look great in bedding or borders and grow more impressive as the years
Pansy Friolina Gold
Pansy Friolina Gold £7.99
Pansy Friolina Gold was the 2008 winner of the grower of the year award. This exciting series of trailing multi-flowering pansies has a lovely soft fragrance and is ideal for baskets containers or scented gardens.These will tolerate the winter with the od
Begonia Aromantics
Begonia Aromantics £9.99
Admired for its fragrance as well as its looks Begonia Aromantics brings together rose-like blooms with a delicious medley of fragrances from fresh citrus lemon to indulgent soft rose. Be one of the first to share in this remarkable breeding achievement a
Clematis - Duchess of Edinburgh And Miss Bateman
Clematis – Duchess of Edinburgh And Miss Bateman £6.99
Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh and Miss Bateman will certainly not disappoint you

Plus another 44 new products