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New products at GreenFingers

by John - April 14th, 2009.
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New lines at GreenFingers

Burgon and Ball Salad Planting Bag
Burgon and Ball Salad Planting Bag £6.99
The Salad Planting Bag is a generously proportioned bag for growing your own crops of salad and herbs. It can be placed in your garden balcony front door or roof terrace. This high performance durable and sturdy bag is made from polypropylene with reinfo

Burgon and Ball Galvanised Watering Can
Burgon and Ball Galvanised Watering Can £39.00
Single handed design needs only one hand to hold so there’s no more twisting your back to get a two handed grip and its oval shape gives knees a wider berth. Cleverly weighted spout tips the can automatically so the emptier it gets the more it tips
Bayliss Autovent
Bayliss Autovent £38.17
The autovent uses solar energy to open and close roof vents in most models of aluminium greenhouses and timber framed vents up to 1m square. Can be set to open the vent between 12