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Price reductions at Unwins Seeds & Plants

by Sarah - May 14th, 2009.
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Reduced items at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Ant Killing Nematodes
Ant Killing Nematodes was £11.95 now £9.95
Ant nests can be a real problem to control in border soils and lawns causing raised areas of soil and disruption to plant roots. They can be controlled with parasitic nematodes. Water the nematodes directly into the nest using a watering can. Apply April to September to a well-watered lawn or border. Soil temperature must be at least 10º C and ants should be active. The microscopic transparent worm controls both black and red ants. Treatment can be repeated. One pack will treat up to 6 nests. Safe for children pets wildlife near food crops. Safe to use the lawn directly after application. Nematodes will attack the young Ant larvae so allow 10-14 days for visible effect. They are safer more effective but slower acting than a contact action pesticide which kills the adult ant but not the young larvae underground When you receive your pack of Ant Killing Nematodes the unopened pack may be stored in a fridge up to the shelf life shown on the package usually 1 to 2 weeks. Once opened the entire pack contents should be used immediately

Nemaslug Nematodes: Slug Killer 40m2
Nemaslug Nematodes: Slug Killer 40m2 was £8.95 now £7.95
Nemaslug nematodes control all common species of small to medium sized slugs. Start your control regime early and you will be able to target the young slugs growing under the ground feeding on humus. Do your young plants look wonderfully healthy one day – and the next morning look like they have provided a banquet meal for the local pests? The culprits are most certainly nocturnal slugs that live in the soil waking up to ravage your beloved plants while you sleep. We have been conducting our own tests over the last couple of growing seasons and have found Nemaslug nematodes to be both easy to apply and effective at killing slugs before they do any damage. Nemaslug contains millions of naturally occurring microscopic nematodes that kill slugs both above and below ground. Completely harmless to birds hedgehogs and other wildlife (including pets and children). The Benefits of Nemaslug Slug Killer: Easy to apply Extremely Effective Harmless to children pets birds and wildlife. Unlike many chemicals can assist wildlife in combating pests without posing a risk to wildlife itself. Perfectly safe to use on food crops. Apply just once every 6 weeks Not washed away by rain (unlike pellets) When you receive your pack of Nemaslug Nematodes place it in the refrigerator immediately and use within the use by date (which can be up to four weeks). Application instructions can be found here Visit our Nemaslug UK blog here