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New products at Thompson & Morgan

by John - May 16th, 2009.
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Loads of new items today at Thompson & Morgan

Tulip Mysterious Passion Blend 72 bulbs
Tulip Mysterious Passion Blend 72 bulbs £29.96
This blend is not only about the intriguing and intense colours, but also about the beautiful and uniquely-shaped blooms. The mixture contains tulips in a blend of the deepest reds and the darkest purples, some accented with white or ivory, illuminated by some pure white tulips that shine like stars in the midnight sky. Heights: 14-24in. Bulb size 11-12cm.

Vegetables on the Patio Collection - SPECIAL OFFER 1 Collection
Vegetables on the Patio Collection – SPECIAL OFFER 1 Collection £24.99
Everything you need to grow a lovely selection of veg in one of our handy raised beds! Sow your vegetable selection at intervals and have a non-stop supply of your favourite veg all season! You can plant them in our handy raised beds, in pots, tubs and planters in your backyard, or on your patio or decking, making a decorative and nutritious display! Collection comprises: 6 packets of seed – 1 each of Broccoli, Little Gem Lettuce, Tomato, Pepper, Cornsalad and Aubergine How to Grow Vegetables DVD EasyFeed – Plant Food (80g) 1 Raised Bed
Cottage Garden Perennials - Bumper Packs 1 & 2 36 plants in 5cm pots - 3 of each
Cottage Garden Perennials – Bumper Packs 1 & 2 36 plants in 5cm pots – 3 of each £19.99
Imagine being able to create a dazzling display like this in your own garden! Well, now it's possible – and for a very reasonable price! These perennials are all easy to grow and will give months of carefree colour and interest year after year. Comprises 3 plants each of: Pack 1 – Campanula carpatica Blue, Aquilegia Hybrids, Red Hot Poker, Dianthus Flashing Light, Heliposis Summer Sun & Delphinium Hybrids. Pack 2 – Sedum kamschaticum, Echinacea purpurea Magnus, Hollyhock Chater's Double,s Saponaria ocymoides, Lupin Dwarf Mixed & Foxglove Excelsior Hybrids.
Hydrangea Collection - Bavaria & Tivoli 2 plants in 9.5cm pots + 2 FREE
Hydrangea Collection – Bavaria & Tivoli 2 plants in 9.5cm pots + 2 FREE £19.98
The best bicolour hydrangeas you've ever seen! Create masses of beautiful flowers with help from a little light pruning. These giant mophead blooms provide a stunning display in your borders or in patio pots. Being completely hardy, you can look forward to the display year after year. Hydrangea Bavaria (left) and Hydrangea Tivoli (top right) – Acidic soils with a pH of less than 5.5 produce blue flowers, whilst soils with a greater pH produce pink flowers (bottom right).
Lavatera Barnsley Baby 2 bareroot plants + 1 FREE
Lavatera Barnsley Baby 2 bareroot plants + 1 FREE £18.99
Dwarf Mallow. This compact version of a cottage garden favourite is useful for borders and patio containers, where the branching plants give racemes of hollyhock-like, soft pink blooms.
Iris cristata 9 bareroot plants
Iris cristata 9 bareroot plants £17.99
Originating from the mountain woods of South East USA, this lovely dwarf iris is perfect for pots on the patio, bridging the gap between spring and summer! Superb ground cover too for smothering those pesky weeds!
Wisteria Amethyst Falls 2 plants in 10.5cm pots + 1 FREE
Wisteria Amethyst Falls 2 plants in 10.5cm pots + 1 FREE £17.99
Fragrant wisteria. With an air of old-fashioned charm and romantic permanence, wisteria transforms any structure into something magical. Dense clusters of lilac-blue flowers drape from its branches, filling the air with an intoxicating perfume. Grow against walls, strong pergolas, over archways or even in large containers on your patio. It's a vigorous climber once established but can be condensed into a small garden by careful pruning.
Tulip Blueberry Ripple 30 bulbs
Tulip Blueberry Ripple 30 bulbs £17.99
Unusual colour combination. Add a modern feel to your pots and borders. Spectacular en masse and in mixed plantings. Excellent cut flower. Height: 18-20 inches. Bulb size: 11/12.
Allium Silver Spring 6 bulbs
Allium Silver Spring 6 bulbs £17.99
Gardeners with bright sunny gardens that are extremely well drained have probably discovered the ease and beauty of alliums. Our newest allium is no exception. Each flower globe is covered in bright white flowers with blueberry purple centres, hundreds of them! The sturdy stems of Allium Silver Spring are perfect for cutting. Height: 30-45cm (12-18 inches). Bulb size: 12+ cm in circumference.