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Price reductions at Thompson & Morgan

by John - May 19th, 2009.
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Reduced products at Thompson & Morgan

Begonia Organdy Mixed F1 42 plug plants
Begonia Organdy Mixed F1 42 plug plants was £4.74 now £3.49
A careful combination of a range of flower colours and types of foliage in bronze and green, Begonia Organdy Mixed creates a fantastic array of blooms that is a perfect display in the garden. Plants are drought and wet tolerant and thrive in all weather conditions. Superb in Flower Pouches™ baskets, beds and borders. Begonia Organdy Mixed produces a fantastic display of thousands of blooms on bronze and green foliage. SPECIAL OFFER: Double up 42 plugs to 84 for just £3 extra! Click here to see our video of Begonia Organdy

Potato : Mayan Gold 5 tuber pack
Potato : Mayan Gold 5 tuber pack was £2.99 now £2.49
Exclusive Bred jointly by Greenvale AP and SCRI. Has its roots in the Andean foothills of Peru and is a different type of potato of the phureja type. Mayan Gold is the first successful introduction of this type and has proven exceptionally popular with chefs and the restaurant trade. Yellow skinned, long, oval, tubers with a deeper golden flesh of a unique nutty flavour and an extremely creamy but dry texture. Fantastic for chips and roasting for the crispy texture and fluffy centres. Superb flavour when cooked in its skin for all cooking uses except boiling (as tubers will quickly go mushy), also makes a stunning pie topping.