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Evergreen mow it less lawnfood

by Sarah - May 21st, 2009.
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evergreen-mow-it-lessEveryone wants a lush green lawn. There’s a probably with many feed and weed products though: although they do indeed kill the weeds, they also encourage the grass to grow like mad as they have a fertiliser included to help the grass grow.

Evergreen mow it less is a product designed to make the grass grow more densely and not taller!

Mow It Less gives a greener lawn in just 3 days, and then gradually produces a thicker, greener lawn over subsequent weeks without the hassle and hard work of extra mowing.

You can apply it anytime between March and September. For the best effect you should apply this monthly. You can apply it straight after mowing, the kids and pets don’t need to be kept off the lawn, and it only needs watering if it’s really dry.Don’t mow for a week after you’ve put it on, or until after it’s rained.

You can apply it by hang – 30g per square meter. You might want to work this out first – whether it’s a small handfull or a large – or you can buy an applicator to distribute it evenly to your lawn.

It contains ferrous sulphate which can cause staining on clothes or paving so you should avoid walking on the lawn until it’s been watered in … you can do this with the hose if you can’t wait though.
There are 4 products in this evergreen mow it less range – 3 sizes of the product and a spreader to apply it evenly.
Evergreen Mow It Less 220SQM

Evergreen Mow It Less Lawn Food 400SQM

Evergreen Mow It Less Lawn Food Carton100SQM

Evergreen Mow It Less Spreader 100SQM