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Price reductions at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - May 28th, 2009.
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Reduced items at Gardening Direct

Impatiens Celebrette Coral Light
Impatiens Celebrette Coral Light was £12.99 now £6.50
This glorious Busy Lizzie has fabulous waxy variegated foliage and large coral coloured flowers. It's neat controlled habit and lucious mounds of beautiful flowers make it an ideal plant for tubs, window boxes, hanging baskets and borders. Early continuous flowering and excellent branching coupled with large blooms create the most wonderful visual effect in any space in your garden. On top of all that it thrives equally well in heat or shade and is hardy to 32f.

Petunia Tumberlina Rosie Ripple
Petunia Tumberlina Rosie Ripple was £10.99 now £5.50
Spectacular display of brightly coloured double flowers, each petal is blotched with bright magenta and pale pink. The cascading habit up to 1m long makes them ideal for planting in hanging baskets, window boxes and large containers.
Petunia Tumbelina Julia
Petunia Tumbelina Julia was £10.99 now £5.50
This Petunia produces a wonderful display of bright purple double flowers. Plant them in hanging baskets, window boxes and large containers to appreciate its cascading habit which reaches up to 1m long!
Petunia Pink Ice
Petunia Pink Ice was £7.99 now £4.79
The only variegated form of trailing Petunia that we know of and a protected variety. Now you can turn your hanging baskets into pink and purple cascades of colour all summer long and well into the autumn with this unique trailing Petunia. Robust, strong growing and with the most stunning variegated foliage, Petunia Pink Ice can be relied on to give colour week in and week out whatever the weather.
Fuchsia Lady Boothby - The World's First Climbing Fuchsia!
Fuchsia Lady Boothby – The World's First Climbing Fuchsia! was £8.99 now £5.39
The world's first climbing Fuchsia! This exciting new climbing variety effortlessly creates a spectacular show vigorously covering trellis, fences or archways with beautiful pink and purple flowers on striking red stems. As if this isn't enough Lady Boothby is fully winter hardy and will return with another stunning performance every year – you will not be disappointed!
Fuchsia Giant Flowering Collection
Fuchsia Giant Flowering Collection was £9.99 now £5.99
These varieties are a best seller for hanging baskets. The huge sculptured double flowers are perfect on their own or mixed! With layer upon layer of ruffles in a series of seductive colours, delicious! Free flowering and profuse these giant blooms hang lazily from gently arching branches from June to mid September. Supplied as 10 plants, 5 of each variety.
Geranium Atlantic Burgundy
Geranium Atlantic Burgundy was £7.50 now £4.50
A lovely trailing form up to 75cm long. The flowers of Atlantic Burgundy pour forth like a fine wine from May through to first frosts. Fully double flowers make the blooms look even larger. Its neat, compact trailing habit makes it an ideal geranium for all types of patio planters and hanging baskets. Great on its own, it looks stunning planted with other trailing plants. Delivered late April – mid May.
Coleus Henna
Coleus Henna was £8.50 now £5.39
A wonderful new decorative foliage plant perfect for dry shady conditions with uniform chartreuse to copper leaves complimented by burgundy undersides. Super as part of a mixed scheme for containers or planted in drifts through shrubs borders, super weed suppressant!
Aquatic Plant Food
Aquatic Plant Food was £5.99 now £3.99
As well as enhancing the beauty of plants in both ponds and ornamental water features with a special blend of nutrients, Aquatic Plant Food contains extract of barley straw to prevent the unwanted growth of algae and blanketweed. Add an initial dose of 30ml, followed by 20ml per week from April to September.