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Allotment sharing

by Sarah - May 31st, 2009.
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On the allotment everyone is really friendly and helpful. The old timers are happy to share their years of experience.  One man started on an allotment in 1953!

When people have too many plants to put out they offer them round, and people like to have a nosey in your greenhouse and see what you’ve got on your plot.

John gave me a packet of soya bean seeds – I’ve planted a couple of rows and am going to put in another row if I get chance this week.

Steve from across the way popped over today to ask me what I had growing in a tray in the greenhouse. It’s a flat tray of leaves from a money plant that I’m experimenting with as to how many will root. I’ve already gor 18 tiny plants potted up for the allotment open day plant sale but wanted to know if I could get some leaves to root. I have done at home before now and got some great plants from it, so I stuck about 50 leaves in a tray.  The mother plant is pretty much unwanted now and looking a bit straggly so it’ll sit under the bench in the greenhouse until Autumn and then I’ll have to decide what to do with it.
I have Steve a large piece of it for him to pot up and see if it’ll grow. It’s normally really easy to take root so he should have a couple of healthy plants in a week or three.

Lots of people on the plots today – car space was heaving – Sundays are very popular and hot Sundays even more so. There were lots of people pottering about with watering cans.

Did a little weeding around a couple of rows of veggies and watered the peas. Spotted the first pea flower today – which is excellent news!

I read that you need 120 ft row of peas to feed a family of four. I assume that it meant for drying some for winter too! We love fresh peas and it’ll be so nice to be able to pick some this year – perhaps some will even make it home to the pan!

Extremely hot weather again today.