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RHS Chelsea Flower Show

by Sarah - May 31st, 2009.
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RHS membership gives you discounted tickets for their wonderful garden shows.

Chealsea Flower Show is one of the best gardening shows in the world and is famous for it’s innovative and beautiful gardens.

It’s an opportinituy to see some amazing gardens that have been designed and built just for the show.
Here’s a brief outline of what gardens were made in 2009. Get membership of the Royal Horticultural Society and get discounted tickets for these garden shows

Perfume Garden – a fantastic garden which has a diverse range of plants that are used in the perfume industry. From clipped western red cedars, Thuja plicata, to the Sedum rosea. The plants are have their place in the world of perfumerie and the central statue is a machine making perfume from a recipe of Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century!
Designers: Laurie Chetwood and Patrick Collins

The Marshalls Living Street – a fascinating expression of the front gardens of four contemporary terraced houses. Showing how different small gardens can be.
Designer: Ian Dexter

Future Nature – dealing with extremes of rain either none or loads. In essence a storm drain garden. Using lots of re-used materials.
Designers: Nigel Dunnett, Adrian Hallam and Chris Arrowsmith

The QVC Garden
Inspired by one stanza from Tennyson’s The Oak:

Live thy Life,

Young and old,

Like yon oak,

Bright in spring,

Living gold”
Designer: Adam Frost

Laurent-Perrier Garden – classical structure of the planting lends an air of grace to this garden.
Designer: Luciano Giubbilei

Foreign and Colonial Investments Garden – ribbon planting weaves one plant’s colour through a flower bed. Using plants that are adaptble to climate change and featuring endangered plants that can not adjust.
Designer: Thomas Hoblyn

The Cancer Research UK Garden – theme is impact and the garden is a structural piece of design using gentle water, walls and plants.
Designer: Robert Myers

The Daily Telegraph Garden – Swedish inspired minialist design featuring strong, elegant and sustainable planting.
Designer: Ulf Nordfjell

The Quilted Velvet Garden – Tony is described as an horticultural artist,creating over sized stepping stones to create the dreamlike state of an arduous journey towards the soft seating area.
Designer: Tony Smith

The Key – homeless themed garden – starting with narrowing, uneven paths, dead ends and dark forbidding planting that like dark, living walls – there is a way through the wall and inside that is a space of comfort and shelter. Symbolic of the journey homeless people have to struggle through.
Designer: Paul Stone

The HESCO Garden – the climate change worry – too much rain is embodied in this wonderful garden – a stone cottage in the shelter of a wooded, rocky landscape, complete with a typically rainy day. Inspired by the 2007 floods in Leeds where properties were flooded out. Using rainwater diversio to water features within the garden preventing the crisis of flooding. Using wonderful yorkshire stone to make the cottage.
Designer: Martin Walker and Leeds City Council

The Canary Islands Spa Garden inpsired by the volcanic landscapes and bizarre, unique flora of the Canary Islands and the designers shared passion! With steaming thermal spring water, black laval rock and towering palm trees, this is a truley impressive garden! And you’ll know James Wong from grow your own drugs!
Designers: James Wong and David Cubero

Echoes of Japan in an English Garden – features rare rhododendrons, and traditional garden features from Japan including the suikinkutsu (Japanese water harp) and the seikaiha (wave pattern), drawn in white sand. A mix of Japan and England in the garden.

Designer: Kay Yamada