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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - June 3rd, 2009.
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New items added today at Crocus

lutyens-bench £149.99
This bench, originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens with rolled arms, is a classic design. This hardwood bench would be a great asset to any patio, lawn or conservatory. The grand design produces a sturdy structure, which is built to last. Made of yellow balau it arrives flat packed though is pretty easy to construct. Measurements:Seat length: 126cmSeat to floor: 39cmBench length: 147.5cmHeight: 100cmSeat width: 50cmAll wooden products should be treated to preserve the wood. In extreme weather conditions like a hot summer, the surface of the furniture will rapidly lose moisture content. This causes the surface of the timber to shrink and split; treating with an oil will reduce the chance of this happening. It's reapplication rate is determined by weather conditions.Internal Measurements for the cushion position – 28cm long x 50cm wide

Phyllostachys Bamboo
Phyllostachys Bamboo £27.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: humus-rich, moist, well-drained soilRate of growth: fast growingLeaves: mid-greenCanes: rich yellowHardiness: fully hardyA spectacular large bamboo with rich yellow canes and mid-green leaves. The canes have unusual green markings giving the appearance that they have been randomly painted by a mischievous child. To guarantee success grow in a site protected from high winds, where the colourful canes can be seen throughout the year. Garden care: Plant in a large container or surround the roots with a non-perishable barrier that restricts the plant's spread.
pear £25.99
Position: full sun Soil: fertile, well-drained soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: April Flower colour: pure whiteOther features: golden dessert dessert pearsHardiness: fully hardySprays of pure white flowers in April followed by juicy, sweet golden yellow dessert pears for harvesting in September. This pear tree is ideal for an open, sunny site on fertile, well-drained soil. To ensure cross-pollination plant with another variety from the same flowering group (e.g. 'Conference').Garden care: Pears naturally shed a small quantity of the developing fruits in mid summer. After this has occurred thin out the remaining pears, leaving one pear per cluster. Add a high-nitrogen feed in spring.Goes well with: Pyrus communis 'Conference', Myrtus communis, Clematis viticella 'Purpurea Plena Elegans', Euphorbia palustris, Leucojum aestivum, Galanthus nivalis.
black bamboo
black bamboo £24.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: humus-rich, moist, well-drained soilRate of growth: fast growingLeaves: dark greenCanes: polished ebony-blackHardiness: fully hardyA beautiful tall arching bamboo with polished ebony-black mature canes and dark green leaves. The slender, elegant, canes, which are dark green for the first two to three years, look perfect in a contemporary, minimalist garden. To prevent the plant from colonising adjacent plantings restrict the roots using a rigid, non-perishable barrier. Garden care: Plant in a large container or surround the roots with a non-perishable barrier that restricts the plant's spread.
apple £24.99
Position: full sunSoil: fertile, well-drained soilRate of growth: averageUltimate size (M26): 4x4m (12x12ft)Ultimate size (MM106): 5.5×5.5m (18x18ft)Flowering period: April and MayHardiness: fully hardyPollination Group C/D: mid to late floweringMasses of pure white, cup-shaped flowers in mid and late spring, followed by juicy, soft, pale yellow dessert apples with a red flush. This upright, spreading apple tree yields a heavy crop of fruits with an excellent flavour in early September. To guarantee cross pollination plant with another variety from the same pollination group. Suitable for colder areas. Garden care: Keep the base of the tree weed free, fertilise at the beginning of each year and water regularly during hot, dry spells. Remove damaged or crossing branches during the dormant season.
camellia £13.99
Position: partial shade (but not east-facing)Soil: moist but well-drained, humus-rich, acid soil (or ericaceous compost for container-grown specimens)Rate of growth: fast-growingFlowering period: April to MayHardiness: fully hardyA very free-flowering camellia that produces large, peony-form, rose-pink blooms for several weeks from April. This vigorous, evergreen shrub is particularly resistant to cold weather and is perfect for training against a north-facing wall or fence. The faded blooms drop cleanly when they are spent. This variety is highly recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society.Garden care: To prevent damage to the emerging buds and flowers protect from cold, dry winds and early morning sun. Water established plants in dry weather to prevent bud drop. Apply a balanced liquid fertiliser in mid-spring and again in June. Top-dress annually with shredded bark or well-rotted leaf mould. After flowering lightly trim or prune any branches that spoil the appearance of the plant.
Bowman's Root
Bowman's Root £12.99
A pretty perennial that bears masses of irregularly star-shaped white flowers from late spring to late summer. In autumn the foliage turns fiery red and the winter seedheads are a bonus too. Ideal for growing as a cut flower.Position: partial shadeSoil: fertile, well-drained soil, neutral to slightly acidic soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: May to AugustFlower colour: whiteHardiness: fully hardyGarden care: Divide congested plants in spring or autumn. Protect young shoots from slug attack
rhododendron £10.99
Masses of wonderful, wavy-edged, bright lipstick-red, funnel-shaped flowers in mid-spring and small, dark green leaves, retained all year. This compact, semi-dwarf rhododendron is perfect for a rock garden or raised bed with humus-rich, acid soil. Avoid planting it too deeply and incorporate leaf mould in the planting hole.Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: moist, well-drained, humus-rich, acid soil or ericaceous compostRate of growth: average Flowering period: AprilFlower colour: redOther features: leaves retained all yearHardiness: fully hardy Garden care: Avoid planting too deeply. Apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of leaf mould around the base of the plant each spring. Goes well with: Amelanchier lamarckii, Pieris japonica 'Prelude', Enkianthus campanulatus, Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora, Hamamelis mollis, Galanthus nivalis.
Cotton Lavender
Cotton Lavender £9.99
Compact rounded shrub with woolly young shoots grey-white foliage and yellow button flowers