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Price reductions at Thompson & Morgan

by John - June 4th, 2009.
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Over a hundred price reductions at Thompson & Morgan

Zinnia elegans Swizzle Cherry & Ivory 1 packet
Zinnia elegans Swizzle Cherry & Ivory 1 packet was £3.79 now £1.24
Zinnias have certainly increased in popularity as summer bedding in recent years. Swizzles are sure to brighten any display with their eye-catching, bicoloured flowers, in vibrant shades of cherry and ivory. The dwarf, bushy free-flowering plants have exceptional garden performance in sunny borders or in containers, as well as attracting a variety of butterflies to your garden. Height: 25-30cm (10-12in).

Poppy - Himalayan : grandis 1 packet
Poppy – Himalayan : grandis 1 packet was £3.49 now £1.24
Sturdy and long-lived with huge flowers 10-12cm (4-5in) across in a wonderful blue, shot with violet on erect stems.
Codonopsis clematidea 1 packet
Codonopsis clematidea 1 packet was £1.49 now £0.54
A quite rare and choice plant suitable for a well drained sunny or semi-shaded site in border, rockery or wall. When planted among shrubs will happily scramble through them. Palest blue, nodding, bell shaped 4cm (1½in) blooms, which reveal sumptuous orange and maroon centres when tilled. Flowers summer. Height 60-90cm (2-3ft).
Edible Flowers : Calendula officinalis Porcupine 1 packet
Edible Flowers : Calendula officinalis Porcupine 1 packet was £1.99 now £0.74
An exciting new English Marigold with vivid orange, pointed blooms with an attractive quilling that gives a wild, spiky effect. Wonderfully easy to grow in the border or as bedding. The distinct blooms also make a stunning cut flower.
Wallflower : Sunset Mixed F1 Hybrid 1 packet
Wallflower : Sunset Mixed F1 Hybrid 1 packet was £3.29 now £1.24
The first ever F1 Hybrid Wallflower! Attractive dwarf, bushy uniform plants with hybrid vigour makes Sunset Mixed perfect for adding to autumn containers. A colourful range of flowers appear in early spring, filling the air with their delightful Wallflower fragrance. Height: 25-30cm (10-12in).
Snapdragon : Chinese Lanterns F1 1 packet
Snapdragon : Chinese Lanterns F1 1 packet was £3.19 now £1.24
Trailing. A breeding triumph: cascading Antirrhinums! In a mixture of seven colours, including pure colours and bicolours, the "Snapdragon" flowers are borne on self branching, vigorous plants. Ideally made for hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.
Echinops ruthenicus 1 packet
Echinops ruthenicus 1 packet was £2.99 now £1.24
Tight clusters of deep blue flowers form mini-globes on long, strong straight stems of pure silver. The foliage is amazing and quite unique, giving off a silver sheen whatever the weather. Incredibly ornamental in or out of flower. An all round superb species with ideal height.
Aquilegia Sweet Rainbows 1 packet
Aquilegia Sweet Rainbows 1 packet was £2.99 now £1.24
A breeding breakthrough! The result of merging a full range of top quality Aquileglas, all selected for form, colour and the best fragrance. Ideal for adding sweet scentsation to any border.
Celery : Galaxy (Lathom Self Blanching) 1 packet
Celery : Galaxy (Lathom Self Blanching) 1 packet was £1.99 now £0.84
A heavy yielding variety with long stringless sticks of crisp tasty celery. Celery Galaxy is reasonably free from bolting it can be sown earlier than other varieties and is also useful for growing in plastic tunnels as well as outdoors.