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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - June 6th, 2009.
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New items added today at Suttons Seeds

Brassica Collection Plant Offer
Brassica Collection Plant Offer £11.90
Normal Price £17.85, Website Price £11.90, SAVE

Geranium Lizabeth Plant Offer
Geranium Lizabeth Plant Offer £11.20
Large soft pink flowers with vibrant cerise veining, a startling lime green eye and greyish foliage make this an essential plant for any sunny border, rockery or patio tub! Forming neat clumps of colour, this is a beautiful variety of the hardy geranium. Height up to 25cm. Flowers May-September. Normal Price £14.95, Special Price £11.20, SAVE £3.75!
Trollius Cheddar Plant Offer
Trollius Cheddar Plant Offer £11.20
Spectacular creamy-yellow, globe shaped flowers dance above well defined shining green foliage. This superb variety – a member of the buttercup family – forms attractive mounds of lovely flowers in the spring and early summer. Cut back the first flowers and be rewarded by a second flush of blooms. Height 50-65cm. Flowers May-June. Normal Price £14.95, Special Price £11.20, SAVE £3.75!
Verbascum Plant Collection Offer
Verbascum Plant Collection Offer £11.20
This collection brings together some of the best verbascum for small areas in your garden. Whether it is a small bed or border, or in patio pots or tubs, these long flowering perennials will bring delight all summer long! Collection comprises 3 plants (1 of each variety): JACKIE – spectacular apricot coloured flowers with a purple eye borne on erect spikes throughout the summer on this dwarf variety; JACKIE IN YELLOW – the best for small spaces! Soft yellow flowers with a dark eye bloom in abundance through to autumn; JACKIE IN PINK – erect spikes of cotton candy flowers with a dark plum eye arise from rosettes of fuzzy green foliage. Normal Price £14.95, Special Price £11.20, SAVE £3.75!
Gentiana Blue Rock Plant Offer
Gentiana Blue Rock Plant Offer £11.20
Strong upright stems bear hundreds of light blue tubular shaped flowers on this lovely little perennial. Forming upright, compact clumps this is an ideal plant for borders, rock gardens or in pots. This gentiana flowers later in the year, which means colour in the garden when other plants have gone! Height up to 25cm. Flowers August-October. Normal Price £17.95, Special Price £13.45, SAVE £4.50!
Cabbage Kilaxy Plant Offer
Cabbage Kilaxy Plant Offer £5.95
Website Offer ONLY £5.95! In trials this cabbage showed high resistance to club root disease, producing an excellent crop on diseased land where other varieties failed. A superb late summer/early autumn cabbage, a round headed Dutch White type, producing solid heads which can weigh up to 2kg. Stands and stores well. Harvest late summer-autumn.
Brussels Sprout Crispus Plant Offer
Brussels Sprout Crispus Plant Offer £5.95
Website Offer ONLY £5.95! A top quality Maximus type with the added bonus of club root resistance. Crispus is very well adapted to growing under stressed conditions and reliably produces good crops of smooth dark green sprouts, that hold well on the stalks. The sprouts can be picked from September to November.
Cauliflower Clapton Plant Offer
Cauliflower Clapton Plant Offer £5.95
Website Offer ONLY £5.95! Not only is it club root resistant, this cauliflower is also an excellent autumn variety. The fine white curds are well protected by the leaves and the heads mature naturally over a period of time which avoids a glut! Harvest late summer-autumn.