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Price reductions at Thompson & Morgan

by John - July 1st, 2009.
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Loads of price reductions today at Thompson & Morgan

RHS Garden Explorers : Cress Extra Curled 1 packet
RHS Garden Explorers : Cress Extra Curled 1 packet was £0.99 now £0.49
I am so quick and easy to grow. You can grow me all year round on a windowsill and eat me within 10-12 days. I am very nutritious and tasty in salads and sandwiches.

RHS Garden Explorers : Poached Eggs 1 packet
RHS Garden Explorers : Poached Eggs 1 packet was £0.99 now £0.49
I am a bright little plant that looks just like fried egg. I am easy to grow and will produce hundreds of flowers all through the summer. Height: 15cm. Why Not … draw this pretty flower and see if you can name the different parts? Petal, Sepal, Anther and Stigma. The Garden Explorers website will help you.
Radish : Chinese : China Rose 1 packet
Radish : Chinese : China Rose 1 packet was £1.29 now £0.64
A traditional 'winter' variety for sowing in late June and July to harvest and store for winter use in salads. Chinese Radish China Rose has quite long, tapering roots of carmine skin and pure white, crisp pungent flesh.
Sorrel : Blood Veined 1 packet
Sorrel : Blood Veined 1 packet was £1.49 now £0.74
New, colourful salad leaf innovation to add a sharp but pleasant taste and texture to mixed salads, when eaten young. Blood Veined Sorrel also makes an attractive 'dot' plant in the flower border. Ideal used in soups and sauces. Blood Veined Sorrel is a Hardy Perennial but grown as an Annual. Flavour guide: Sharp but pleasant.
RHS Garden Explorers : Pumpkin Mars 1 packet
RHS Garden Explorers : Pumpkin Mars 1 packet was £1.49 now £0.74
I am a small pumpkin ideal for Halloween carving but my flesh is rich orange and is very tasty and ideal for pumpkin pies. So you can eat the inside of me and then carve me into a scary lantern. I will weigh about 2.5kg when grown and good for storing through winter. Ask An Adult for Help- Carve a scary face in the pumpkin and put outside your house on Halloween. FACT: Pumpkins are 90% water. You will notice your pumpkin lantern starts to shrivel as it dries out.
Tomato : Maskotka 1 packet
Tomato : Maskotka 1 packet was £1.49 now £0.74
Bush/Basket A bushy, dwarf variety, especially bred for growing in baskets and containers, where stems and fruits fall gently over the sides. Tomato Maskotka produces a heavy crop of sweet, red 25-35g (1-1¼oz) cherry fuits with a good resistance to cracking.
Onion : Cipollini Yellow 1 packet
Onion : Cipollini Yellow 1 packet was £1.49 now £0.74
Onion Cipollini Yellow is quick-growing with small, flat-shaped bulbs, with yellow/brown skins and crisp white, tasty flesh. Excellent for a range of culinary uses. Onion Cipollini Yellow is ideal used for successional sowing through the spring. Sowing densities will determine the bulb size you harvest.
Runner Bean : Aintree 1 packet
Runner Bean : Aintree 1 packet was £1.49 now £0.74
British breeding from the same stable as the ever popular Red Rum. Runner Bean Aintree has red flowers that produce excellent quality, slim, straight smooth pods up to 28cm (11in) long of very good flavour and which are stringless when young. Has a good tolerance of high temperatures for flower setting.
RHS Vegetable Collection : Carrot : Mignon 1 packet
RHS Vegetable Collection : Carrot : Mignon 1 packet was £1.49 now £0.74
Carrot Mignon's smooth, tender and juicy, rich-orange roots were specially selected for growing as 'baby roots' or 'little-finger carrots' as they quickly mature (approximately 12 weeks from sowing). This makes them ideal for successional sowings in containers, outdoors or as early sowings in a cold frame. Seeds are in the RHS Vegetable Collection.