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Summer fruits

by Sarah - July 6th, 2009.
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Delicious summer fruits are often so expensive that you might be put off buying them in the supermarket.

Suttons sell tons of soft fruit and fruit trees – great prices too
Gooseberry, Ben Nevis Blackcurrant, Thornless Loganberry and Chester Thornless Blackberries. this is a great range of fruit meaning you can eat fresh berries, make summer fruit puddings and delicious jams.
They’re easy to grow and will look fantastic as the fruits develope. Impress the family by making them fresh fruit desserts with home grown fruit. There’s nothing better than eating berries picked straight off the stems and this is just amazing to do. The kids will be very impressed and will enjoy helping you pick berries!

We should all be eating more fresh fruit and this is a great way of doing that!