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Giant Peas

by Sarah - July 7th, 2009.
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Record breaking peas! They over 16cm long which is enormous!
Giant Mange Tout peas
These are massive, but peas and mange tout are fairly easy to grow.

They’re something that my neighbour has been growing and has had a really good crop from. They’re also very dear in the supermarkets – £1 for a tiny tray of them so well worth the money to buy some seeds and have a go!
There are normal peas which you pod, mange tout which you eat all of and sugar snap peas which are thicker and have more of a snaap to them!
There are many types of peas and all good seed sellrs will have a wide range of seeds available. The seeds are dried peas! So you can keep some of the pods and leave them to grow on the plant until they’re dry – then store and you can grow from these again.