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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - July 11th, 2009.
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New lines at Dobies

Modular Greenhouse
Modular Greenhouse £450.00
Overcoming two of the main concerns people have about greenhouses, this smart, innovative structure is quick and easy to assemble and features polycarbonate panels which are virtually unbreakable but as clear as glass! It has many enviable attributes: Heavy-duty, rust resistant aluminium frame SmartLockā„¢ connectors for fast and easy assembly; Split style door and large adjustable vent window for efficient ventilation; Safe, crystal clear polycarbonate panels that that are virtually unbreakable, allowing 90% light transmissions to plants while blocking 99.9% of harmful solar UV rays; Pre-assembled door and window with weather-stripping; 2.55m long x 1.91m wide x 2.07m high. Galvanised steel base included.

Aerogarden £129.95
Allows you to quickly and easily grow a wide variety of garden-fresh herbs, salads or flowers, at any time of year, on your kitchen counter! Plants grow in air and water, and the system monitors and automatically adjusts nutrient, light and water levels to create ideal growing conditions – so plants grow at up to 5x the speed that they would in soil! No mess, no weeds, no pesticides and no hassle! No mess, no weeds, no pesticides and no hassle! The kit comprises Aerogarden unit, two daylight spectrum bulbs, organic-based time-release nutrient tablets and full instructions. It also comes with a FREE Gourmet Herb Seed Kit – seed pods of 7 tasty varieties (basil, purple basil, dill, coriander, Italian basil, mint and chives).
Solargrow £96.95
Grow bumper crops of tomatoes, peppers and much more! This solar-powered, self-watering growing kit automatically provides exactly the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen, so your plants grow healthier, stronger and more quickly, typically producing heavier crops than soil or grow bag-raised plants! Includes a nutrient pack and an Auto-Top-Up kit which can be connected to a water butt, to automatically replenish the water
Classic Hand Mower
Classic Hand Mower £74.95
Ideal for the smaller lawn, not only is this cylinder mower great value for money, it also saves the hassle and potential danger of trailing a power cable around the garden! Engineered to the highest quality by AL-KO, it has an adjustable self-sharpening steel blade, so will always give you a superb cut. It’s environmentally friendly too! Four stage height adjustment from 1.4-3.5cm; cutting width 28cm; weight approximately 8kg. Roomy 26 litre Grass Collection Box (Grass Collection Box included).
Calamondin £49.95
Not only will this pretty variegated Calamondin make a beautiful specimen plant in your conservatory or on your patio all year round, it boasts beautifully scented white flowers in summer, and will provide you with a bountiful harvest of tasty little fruits from September to February. It’s probably more vigorous than the conventional Calamondin and can withstand temperatures down to -5
Peach Avalon Pride
Peach Avalon Pride £29.95
This outstanding variety represents the biggest advance in peach breeding for many years as it appears to be strongly resistant to damaging leaf curl disease. Trees are self fertile with pretty pink flowers and bear delicious juicy large fruits from early August.
Autumn Bedding Buster Plant Pack
Autumn Bedding Buster Plant Pack £27.95
Masses of spring colour for your garden in this fantastic value collection of autumn bedding plants. These plants all signify the start of spring, their colours so welcome after the dark winter days. Choose your favourite spring flower from our selection or buy them all for only
Salad Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround
Salad Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround £26.95
This beautiful planter is a stylish way to grow fresh vegetables on your patio, balcony or roof terrace! Secreted inside the natural willow surround is a high-performance, durable planting bag with reinforced webbing handles and drainage holes. It’s simple to assemble and folds flat for winter storage. 30cm (12″) x 70cm (28″) x 35cm (14″).
SnailAway £24.90
SnailAway adhesive tape works by giving a tiny electric shock to any slug or snail trying to cross it, thus driving the pests away from precious plants. It’s quick and easy to apply, looks attractive, works in all weathers, and is completely safe for animals, children and wildlife. Each kit contains 2m (6’6″) of tape – enough to protect a container up to 60cm (2′) in diameter – battery box with adhesive pad and full instructions. (2′) in diameter – battery box with adhesive pad and full instructions.