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Tomatoes going red

by Sarah - July 11th, 2009.
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We were looking yesterday at how big some of the tomatoes were getting in the greenhouse and I noticed some had started going red! This really was a fantastic moment! Red tomatoes! Amazing!
OK it’s not fully ripe yet but getting there.

I’ve been picking raspberries and strawberries (Although strawberries have all gone virtually now, so I’m hoping they’ll have another flush of flowers!) all week and have made some jam. This has been my first attempt at making jam and it tastes excellent!

We’ve pulled a couple of carrots and have eaten one on the allotment! Same with some peas! Next year we’re going to do a huge row of peas and try not to let the slugs eat them! There are some lovely red flowers on the beans so that’s a good sign and I’ve picked some broad beans too!
My neighbour at home has given me some onions. He’d forgotten if he’d put in spring onions or proper onions and had probably left them a bit long for spring onions. I had thought he’d bought sets though! Interesting all the same!