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Amazing Greenhouses

by Sarah - July 14th, 2009.
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If you’ve started growing things at home you’ll be aware just how much more you can do with a greenhouse. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting one for home, or maybe for your allotment?

Two Wests & Elliot is one of the biggest names in greenhouses

You might have seen their lovely catalogue in a gardening magazine and you can also browse their website.

palramIf you’re looking for a small greenhouse then you will find many types here not found elsewhere. Their range of mini lean too greenhouses is excellent.

Palram Polycarbonate Greenhouses are perfect for avoiding that horrid breaking glass sound – if you’ve got children yourself you can be assured they can’t damage themselves or the tough polycarbonate of this greenhouses. Plus it’s made from a sturdy aluminium frame complete with everything you need including frame, gutter and roof vent.

They also sell High quality, attractive, maintenance free, safety glazed Rion Greenhouses which are very pretty with a more curved look to them.

You’ve also got to consider Shading & Ventilation in your greenhouse in the hot summer months. You want to keep your plants as healthy as possible and automatic vents which open windows as the weather warms up are a useful way of doing this.  You can also get automatic louvres to open too – these operate on the same principle as the Bayliss openers – i.e. a stainless steel cylinder containing a mineral wax which expands with heat, causing the vent to open, as the temperature falls the wax contracts & the opener closes.
The louvres also have a release catch to allow manual opening & closing too!

For winter they also have a range of heaters from gas to paraffin and electric.

As well as lots of great accessories and high quality staging for keeping your plants in order!

Their site is packed with information and help about all their greenhouses and greenhouse products