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Asbo for growing tomatoes

by Sarah - July 16th, 2009.
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There’s a news story I’ve  just spotted about a woman getting in trouble for growing tomatoes!

The problem was she was growing them in the foyer of a communal building which is against fire regulations according to her council. She’s not been given an ASBO but a written warning about her behaviour.

Neath Port Talbot council’s head of housing and public protection, Robert Rees, said: “The housing service was contacted on behalf of another resident of the flats who is asthmatic and was concerned that the tomato plants in the public area were aggravating this condition.”

It’s an interesting idea to be growing things in communal space but obviously one that seems to have upset someone or made someone ill.

I can fully understand the problems there might be about unauthorised pots and plants in the foyer but it does seem in principal a good idea to make use of growing space !

The moral has to be, get permission if you’re putting plants anywhere other than your own property.