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New products at Unwins Seeds & Plants

by Sarah - July 21st, 2009.
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New products added today at Unwins Seeds & Plants

New 2009 Sweet Pea Collection
New 2009 Sweet Pea Collection £5.98
New 2009 Collection consists of one packet each of:   Hero Emily Inferno  

Emily Sweet Pea Seeds
Emily Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
Emily is a delicious long stemmed rose-pink grandiflora with delicate veining. The strongly perfumed blooms are borne on straight stems just perfect for cutting. She is as beautiful in the garden as she is in the vase.
Inferno Sweet Pea Seeds
Inferno Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
Set your garden ablaze with the fiery flowers of Inferno. The plants produce many duplex blooms in flames of orange-scarlet sure to create a talking point about the border.
Evensong Sweet Pea Seeds
Evensong Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
Named for the colour of its soft blue blooms tinged with lilac Evensong will remind you of the twilight sky.
Southbourne Sweet Pea Seeds
Southbourne Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
This beautifully elegant variety is an old favourite and it’seasy to see why. The well scented blooms are a soft rose colour ruffled and gently waved.
Romeo Sweet Pea Seeds
Romeo Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
Giving larger blooms than old fashioned Grandiflora Romeo is very free flowering.Long strong stems.
Oban Bay Sweet Pea Seeds
Oban Bay Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
A very distinctive silvery blue bloom with a delicate perfume. It is vigorous and reliable and grows well in cooler areas making it very popular in the North of the country.
Lovely Lady Sweet Pea Seeds
Lovely Lady Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
A delightful flower in shades of washed denim blue. The upright standards are a hazy blue over white with a cream edge.
Denis Compton Sweet Pea Seeds
Denis Compton Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
This large flowered sweet pea bears superb frilly soft pink flowers pale cream at the centre. They are very highly scented.
Hero Sweet Pea Seeds
Hero Sweet Pea Seeds £2.99
We have named this large-flowered Spencer for all those heroes who risk their lives to make our world a better place. The stunning blooms of Hero are an unusual navy blue and have a light and delicate fragrance. We will donate 30p from every packet sold to the Help For Heroes charity.