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Pansy Can can

by Sarah - August 1st, 2009.
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Perfect pansy for putting in your borders – Pansy Can Can 100 Plants +60 FREE

These pansys are pretty as a picture with ruffled petals and bright colours. They are a lovely bright flower for the winter months and will give colour from autumn until Spring making them a constant source of delight in the garden.

If you are after a stunning garden that will draw comments from passers by then these bright flowers are just the ticket for making a right show in your own garden.

They can be planted  in full sun to partial shade so there’s virtually no corner of the garden they can’t go. Ideal for those hard to fill darker corners whcih always needs brightening up during the winter months.

They will reach a height of 12 to 15cm wth a spread of 12cm. They do need growing on before planting out so if you’ve got a cold frame, greenhouse or conservatory then you can pot them on and let them grow bigger before planting out. If this sounds like a lot of work then you can also buy garden ready plug plants too – these take all the extra effort out, but lots of gardeners like to buy the smaller plan and pot on as it’s cheaper and offers you better value for money, plus you can tell people with a smile tht you grew them yourself!

pansy-rufflesPlant them out 23-30cm apart – this ensures they have plenty of space to grow. You can arrange them in any pattern you like – usually plants are put out in odd numbers – but with these you will have enough to fill your entire borders so you can put them in rows or a pattern like the five spots on a  dice if you have a deep enough border. Don’t forget these will look sunning in containers too – and if you’ve got a few too many then stick them in a small container and take it round to a neighbour as a gift. Most people would recommend keeping a few in reserve too so that you have spares incase something happens to your garden display.

These pretty flowers will bring cheer to your garden all through the winter months, they are cheap as chips and offer great value.  Two tubs of these either side of your front door will make your home seem bright and welcoming!