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Aubergine seeds

by Sarah - August 2nd, 2009.
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I’m going to grow some aubergines next year – didn’t this year as it was my first year on the allotment and was trying several types of tomatoes first.
Aubergine : Melanzana Viserba (Seeds)
auberginesThese ones are longer than traditional shape aubergine – produces cylindrical, glossy purple skinned fruits with bitter free flesh.
When to sow – minimum temperature of 15C during January to March – so for most of us that’s in a heated place!
Plant out once frost risk has passed, under cover (cloche or cold frame) or outdoors if you live somewhere nice and warm! Plant them 70cm apart – you can even have them in pots – they like some manure if possible too.
They will need watering regularly and feed generously!
Yummy to eat in tomato based stews or fried in slices and covered in pesto and rolled up and sprinkled with cheese and then baked! 🙂