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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - August 7th, 2009.
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Reduced price on products today at Crocus

bugle was £5.49 now £3.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: any moist, well-drained soilRate of growth: fast-growingFlowering period: MayHardiness: fully hardyA useful plant for the edge of a shady border, ajuga also makes good groundcover as it soon knits together to form an evergreen carpet. This one has large, glossy, bronze-purple leaves with dense, upright spires of purple spring flowers. This variety is perfect for covering large areas since it has bigger leaves and is particularly vigourous. It also copes well with sun and poor soils, but does not like to dry out.Garden care: To rejuvenate and minimise congestion lift and divide clumps in late autumn or early spring every two years.

alkanet was £6.49 now £4.99
Position: full sunSoil: moist, fertile, well-drainedRate of growth: vigourousFlowering period: JuneHardiness:fully hardySturdy stems of deep blue summer flowers, turning blue-purple with age, appear in early summer above rosettes of mid-green leaves. This large blue alkanet makes a striking and long-lasting statement in a sunny border and does not need staking. The flowers are attractive to bees, too.Garden care: Anchusas dont like wet soil. Deadhead after flowering to encourage a second flush of flowers. In early autumn cut the stems back down to the ground. 
sneezewort was £5.99 now £4.99
Position: full sunSoil: moist, well-drainedRate of Growth: fast-growingFlowering period: June to AugustHardiness: fully hardyElegant sprays of pure white, double and semi-double pom-pom flowers are borne over a long period from June to August above finely toothed, dark green leaves. This achillea is vigourous and spreads to form a natural mound. A favourite of Edwardian garden designer Gertrude Jeykll, it is excellent for the middle of a sunny, well-drained border, and looks great with a backdrop of evergreens. It is long flowering and drought-tolerant. Garden care: Stake using bamboo canes or brushwood before the flowers appear. Cut down to the ground in autumn. Pull out seedlings as they appear, as they rarely match the parent plant. Lift and divide large clumps in late autumn or early spring. This achillea is prone to mildew in hot, humid conditions.
white wood aster
white wood aster was £5.49 now £4.99
Position:full sunSoil: moist, moderately fertile soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: June to OctoberFlower colour: whiteOther features: dark green, almost black flower stemsHardiness: fully hardyMasses of white, daisy-like flowers with brownish yellow centres are produced in loose clusters from June to October. This white wood aster, originally from North America, was a favourite shade-loving plant of Gertrude Jekyll who used it in her own garden teaming it with bergenias. A great plant for a shady border.Garden care: After flowering cut the flowered stems to the ground and apply a generous mulch of well-rotted garden compost or horse manure around the base of the plant.
stuart-trough was £905.99 now £105.99
Dimensions -Small – 61cm Length x 24cm Depth x 22cm HeightMedium – 91cm Length x 24cm Depth x 22cm HeightLarge – 91cm Length x 30cm Depth x 35cm Height
wildlife-surveillance-camera-fsc-timber was £155.99 now £124.99
The versatile Wildlife Surveillance Camera system features a superb colour/ infrared, weatherproof camera unit in an FSC timber housing for additional protection and security. Complete with audio and integral infrared lights (invisible to the eye and animals) the camera automatically swaps from colour during daylight, to infrared (black and white) in low light conditions. Consequently, ideal for bird tables/feeders, hedgehogs and night-time observation of badgers, foxes etc.Easy to install and easy to use Comes complete with a long screened extension cable measuring 20meters, low voltage power unit and scart adapter to plug directly into your TV or recorder and view. Technical:CCD colour sensor, 12v, 420 TV lines (PAL), minimum illumination 0 Lux.