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Autumn planting vegetables

by Sarah - August 10th, 2009.
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You can plant a variety of vegetables to overwinter for either an early harvest or winter pickings.

Seed Potatoes, Garlic, Onions, Mushrooms from Thompson & Morgan

They sell several types of garlic which does well from an autumn planting – Early Purple Wight which can be harvested as early as May, Lautrec Wight  and Purtple Moldovan.

Onions ‘Senshyu’ and ‘Shakespeare’, as well as Shallot ‘Escalote Grise’ are good from an autumn planting.
They also have 4 types of asparagus – ‘Ariane’, ‘Guelph Millennium’, ‘Pacific 2000’ and ‘Purple Pacific’ all ideal for autumn planting.

Two of their current best sellers include:

Elephant Garlic 12 cloves – £6.99

Asparagus Autumn Collection 20 crowns – £24.99

Thompson & Morgan have so many different vegetable plants and seeds available you’ll really enjoy looking at their website for gardening ideas and inspiration.