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Winter Veg offers

by Sarah - August 11th, 2009.
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winter_coll_2I’ve just been looking to see what winter vegetable offers are available and have found a brilliant one at Suttons – Winter veg collection
Price: £14.95
Delivery: Late August
Units: Pack of 70 Plug Plants (10 of each variety)

What plants does it contain?
Five different types of broccoli, cabbage & cauliflower and oriental vegetables too.

Sprouting Broccoli Claret – Produces large purple spears from early April;
Cauliflower Mayfair – Over-winter cauliflower with high quality curds for cutting in April;
Sprouting Broccoli Late White – A succession of tender white shoots from mid March;
Cabbage Excel – Very versatile. Forms pointed hearts in early spring or cut for leaves in autumn if needed; Cabbage Spring Hero – Hardy ball cabbage which matures into solid heads from early May;
Pak Choi Joi Choi – Crisp ribs are delicious stir-fried and leaves can be used in salads;
Chinese Cabbage Nikko – Produces solid, dark green barrel-shaped hearts with no bolting.

Delivery in late August so time to order now. There is a delivery charge of £3.95 for these plants but even so it works out at 38p a plant which is excellent value!