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Pruning raspberries

by Sarah - August 15th, 2009.
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It’s time to get pruning on my allotment. The summer raspberry canes are all dying now and look pretty messy so I’ll be clipping them out carefully.
You should cut back the canes that have fruited to ground level after harvesting, to make way for the young canes that will fruit next year.
Select the strongest young canes, removing the those that don’t make the grade. You should aim to have 3 or 4 inches between them and have about eight canes a plant.

Suckers should be removed from the path area else you’ll be unable to get down the rows to pick them. You can try cutting them out and moving them if you want to start raspberries somewhere else.

Autumn raspberries which fruit on current-season canes can be cut back completely after harvest.

So basically when it fruits and has finished fruiting (And you’ve picked it all) you should cut down that stem.

What do you do with the stems? Well a neighbour on the plots has said they don’t compost the old canes, but another says compost everything as long as you have a big enough heap!