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Quick garden jobs for today

by Sarah - August 20th, 2009.
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5 quick jobs you could do in the garden today

1. Pull out some weeds. There are always weeds. Even when you’ve just done
all the weeding.

2. Mow the lawn if it’s not rained recently. As the summer draws to an end
the lawn should slow down growing, but keep it looking tidy else the weeds grow

3. Sweep the paths. This makes the garden look loads better.

4. Tidy up the plants you have in pots. It’s getting near the end of the summer
so decide what you’re doing with them. Do they need shelter over winter?

5. Relax and enjoy the hard work! Don’t forget to spend time in your garden
enjoying all the cutting and pruning and weeding you’ve done. Even if you sit
there with your eyes closed in the last dregs of sunshine after work, listening
to the gentle twitter of birds, the faint hum of bees, you can enjoy the sounds
and scents of the garden and it’s all been worthwhile.

By the same thought you could find 5 jobs to do on the allotment. Tidy the paths, trim the edges of weeds and do some weeding and watering and don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labour too!