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Bird feeder to stop the pigeons

by Sarah - August 22nd, 2009.
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We have a problem in our garden when we feed the birds. Word has got round amongst the birds that there’s a lot of nice food put out so lots of pigeons have started turning up. At the peak there were 24 hungry pigeons looking for a meal. That many is just unhygenic and too much so we’ve stopped feeding the birds spare bread now and it’s having to go either in the bin or if you put it out later in the day only the magpies stop by for a snack.
I tried putting the food on the bird table as this is quite low and they can’t get on it, but one discovered a way and then threw all the bread off.
I’ve just seen this bird feeder though that looks like the perfect anti-pigeon feeder!
Bread & Apple Feeder Duo (Wildlife Products)


This feeder fits a slice of bread and allows little birds to feed but will not allow the bigger birds to have any!

Fantastic – and it’s got an apple feeder too which will allow birds to peck away at apples you put out for them too without the slugs and pigeons having a go at it too!