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Sweet Potato

by Sarah - August 23rd, 2009.
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I did look at growing this on my allotment this year but found time had slipped away and I missed out on ordering any. It’s not too early to order for next year though and there are three main varieties that thompson and morgan sell in the UK
Sweet Potato varieties at thompson and morgan
Sweet Potato T65 – Demand has increased year on year over the past 3 years as gardeners find that growing a successful crop of sweet potatoes is rewarding and satisfying. Although considered a tropical plant it performs well in our climate, outdoors ideally through black plastic or in large containers under glass.
Beauregard Improved – Introduced from a virus free clone last season and was phenomenally popular as this is similar to the tubers on supermarket shelves. Tubers tend to be smaller than T65 but have that distinctive salmon orange flesh with a sweeter more pronounced flavour.
Georgia Jet – This was a limited trial offer in 2007, again from virus free clones, to make a vigorous, healthy plant. Flesh is more deep orange colour of excellent flavour. Early maturing and good cropper, reliable all over the UK.
Sweet potatoes can be cooked just like potatoes can – they are delicious baked and can be roast too. They make a fantastic risotto and can be used as a vegetable too. I like to roast them and then spoon out the delicious soft insides onto the plates. They are very easy to cook and as they can be quite expensive in the supermarket it is a good project to grow them. A mild sweet taste almosty a cross between a carrot and a potato with a fantastic colour.